Letting go of the past isn’t easy on Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.  Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) have been chasing ghosts from the beginning. “Ghost Stories” can lead to more questions, or worse, heartache. At this point, Tandy and Tyrone need to be prepared for anything.

Eight years ago, Tyrone (Maceo Smedley) and Tandy (Rachel Ryals) spend time with their families. Tyrone plays thumb wars with Billy (Marqus Clae). Billy wins every time. Tyrone asks if he will be a good as Billy and Billy says he will be better. Tandy gets distracted by cartoons while practicing her ballet moves. She starts to turn the TV off, but Nathan tells her to leave it on. He says life is full of distractions and she needs to learn to overcome them. Billy and Nathan always encouraged the kids to be their best. Later that night, they were both killed.

Tandy wakes up next to Tyrone on the beach. She makes her way to the city with one shoe one. She sees a woman standing in front of her with a phone hanging out of her purse. Tandy takes the phone and calls home, but there’s no answer. She walks home and the front door is locked. Tandy uses the spare key under the doormat to get in. Once inside, she finds her mom unconscious. Tandy calls 911. Later that night, Tandy lays on the couch as Melissa (Andrea Roth) tells her never to rely on anyone.

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When Tyrone woke up, he also walked to the city. He found a voodoo tour led by Auntie Chantelle (Angela M. Davis). Chantelle is telling the group a story about a ghost who haunts Saint Theresa’s church. Tyrone looks scared, but Chantelle tells him not to be. She says only a spirit out for justice would harm a person. She realizes that he’s alone and asks for his mom. Tyrone runs away. Later that night Tyrone hears his parents arguing. Adina tells Otis that she no longer feels safe.

In the present day, Tandy visits Ivan Hess (Tim Kang) in the hospital. She passes Peter Scarborough (Wayne Pérein the hall. Both turn to face each other, but neither says anything. Scarborough is there to make sure Ivan isn’t an liability. Ivan says he doesn’t remember anything about the night of the rig explosion. Tandy says she needs him to remember because Roxxon blamed her dad for everything. Ivan tells her about a safety deposit box with a memo from Nathan. It warned the company about the design of the rig. He tells her where to find it. Ivan says none of this can come back to him. He has a lot to lose and Roxxon is dangerous. 

Cloak & Dagger

Andrea Roth as Melissa Bowen and Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Ghost Stories.” freeform.com

Tandy visits her mom. It’s the anniversary of Nathan Bowen’s death, so they make plans to memorialize him. Tandy asks if Melissa knew anything about a safety deposit box. Melissa says she knew Nathan had one, but didn’t know where it was. Tandy knows. Melissa goes through a box of Nathan’s things and they find a key. They also find a lot of pictures. As they go through the box, Melissa tells Tandy stories about their romance.

Tyrone’s family eats breakfast in silence. Otis (Miles Mussenden) tries to start a conversation, but no one is in the mood to talk. It’s been eight years since Billy’s death and they are all feeling it. After breakfast, Otis tells the family that he invited the Red Hawks to the house. Adina (Gloria Reuben) doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Otis thinks it will be good to have friends around.

Tandy shows up to check on Tyrone. She meets Tyrone’s parents and tells them that she came to see how Tyrone is doing. She admits that her dad died on the same day as Billy. Adina informs her that they were in the middle of breakfast, so Tandy decides to leave. She invites Tyrone to join her and Melissa for their memorial for Nathan. He says okay and Tandy leaves. When she gets outside, she takes Adina’s Roxxon ID out of her purse.

O’Reilly (Emma Lahanapassed her psych evaluation after the shooting. She tells Fuchs, her cop boyfriend that she wants to take down Connors (J.D. Evermore). He says they will do it together. At the station, Connors ask O’Reilly to help him identify the runner from the shooting. She says she didn’t see his face. When Connors shows her the sketch, she sees that it’s Tyrone.

Cloak & Dagger

Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Ghost Stories.” freeform.com

The Red Hawks settle in.Otis feeds them as they set up their regalia and sew.  Tyrone sees Billy’s cloak. Big Chief Roland Duplanter (Luray Cooper) tells Tyrone the difference between cloaks and capes. He says a cape is just an add-on. A cloak hugs you. Otis sees the cloak and takes it into the kitchen. He starts crying. Tyrone checks on him, but Otis asks for a minute. 

Tyrone gets a text from O’Reilly, telling him to meet her outside. He’s not happy to see her, saying his parents will freak out if they see her. She says Connors is looking for him and she tells him to lay low. He says no, not on this day. O’Reilly figures that this is the day that Billy died. She says Connors has been on edge all day. Tyrone asks if Connors remembers. O’Reilly thinks so. Tyrone says he’s going to make sure Connors never forgets. 

Tandy retrieves Nathan’s documents from the safety deposit box. She takes them back to the church and looks over everything. She finds the memo and it is signed by both Nathan and Ivan. Then she studies the blueprints of the Roxxon building. Tandy goes to the Roxxon building, using Adina’s ID to get in. She goes to the power grid and kills the power in the building. Peter Scarborough is on the escalator when the power goes out. He grabs his phone to call maintenance and Tandy grabs him, holding a dagger at his neck.

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Tyrone calls O’Reilly and says he has a plan to get Connors. It’s the anniversary of Billy’s death, so he’s going to haunt Connors to get a confession out of him. He will dress up as Billy and pretend to be his ghost. Tyrone wants to use Connor’s fear against him. O’Reilly doesn’t like the plan, saying it’s too dangerous. Tyrone puts on the cloak and shows them his power of teleportation. 

Later, Tyrone finds Connors alone and starts messing with him. He takes Connors gun. Connors looks everywhere for it, but can’t find it. Tyrone appears behind Connors and grabs his neck. He makes him see the night he shot Billy. Then Tyrone whispers in Connors ear, “you killed me.” Connors turns around, but Tyrone is gone.

O’Reilly meets up with Connors. She says she has a lead on the suspect from the shooting. She gives him the sketch he had done, but Connors says it’s not the same kid. O’Reilly confirms that it is. As they are walking down the street, Connors sees Tyrone. He stares at him and asks O’Reilly if she can see him. O’Reilly says she doesn’t see anything. Connors runs after Tyrone, but he disappears. Tyrone reappears and Connors follows him to the pier when he shot Billy. Connors tries shooting at Tyrone, but Tyrone moves too quick.  

Cloak & Dagger

Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen and Wayne Pére as Peter Scarborough in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Ghost Stories.” freeform.com

Tandy ties up Scarborough. She questions him about the rig, saying he knew the rig couldn’t withstand the substance. She shows him the memo that proves that he knew the substance was dangerous. Scarborough says she didn’t know Nathan Bowen. He wasn’t as good as she would like to believe. Tandy gets angry and draws a dagger on him. Scarborough asks Tandy to let him go. He offers to give her and Melissa a lot of money. Tandy refuses saying it’s not about the money. She leaves Roxxon.

Connors runs out of bullets and Tyrone approaches Connors. Tyrone is wearing a bloody shirt with a hole in it. He says Connors can’t kill him because he’s already dead. Tyrone talks about the night Billy died, saying Connors shot him. He coaxes a confession out of Connors, who says he shot Billy and then covered it up. Tyrone steps back and asks if they got it. Fuchs steps forward with a camera, recording the entire conversation. O’Reilly steps forward and arrest Connors for Billy Johnson’s murder.

O’Reilly celebrates bringing Connors down, but Fuchs warns her that she will receive some backlash. She says she’s seen a lot powerful people taken down when she was in New York City.

Tyrone meets Tandy and Melissa at the waterfront. They are going to release a lantern in memory of Nathan and Billy. Tyrone says he’s glad he was able to get a confession out of Connors. Tandy wasn’t so successful, but she’s happy that she scared Scarborough. They begin with their memorial by holding hands. 

Cloak & Dagger

Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Ghost Stories.” freeform.com

Tandy and Tyrone are transported into Melissa’s head. Tandy sees the door to their old house, but the door is locked. The spare keys is under the doormat. Tyrone opens the door and it takes them into a movie theater. Melissa is the only person in the theater. She watches a movie about her and Nathan, showing them as a loving couple. The movie stops and Melissa disappears.  

Tandy walks toward the screen and slices it open. They walk through and into the living room of Tandy’s old house. Nathan is sitting at the kitchen table. Melissa comes to the table and spills coffee on Nathan’s papers. She looks like she is apologizing, backing away from Nathan. He slaps Melissa, scaring Tandy. They let go of the vision. Tandy looks at her mom, who doesn’t really know what just happened. Tandy takes the lantern and releases it.

The next day, Tandy calls Scarborough and tells him that she changed her mind. She wants the money. She hides the money inside a statue at the church.

O’Reilly enters Fuchs apartment, ready to celebrate with pancakes. She opens the refrigerator door and finds Fuchs inside, dead.


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