Something big is coming for Cloak & Dagger. These two lives are intertwined, but the cause of their headaches are different. Tandy (Olivia Holt) is trying to clear her father’s name. Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) is trying to avenge his brother’s death. The brother and the father died on the same night, but in two separate events. Could there be a connection? Or did Tandy and Tyrone just happen to be in the right place at the right time?

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Divine Pairing

Auntie Chantelle (Angela M. Davis) had a feeling about Tyrone when she met him. Now that Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy) has a special connection to Tyrone, Chantelle can explore Tyrone’s power a little bit more. She has Evita assist with a reading of the cards. Chantelle says something big is about to happen. Throughout history, New Orleans has suffered major disasters. This reading has as much to do with saving the city as it does with Tyrone. 

Speaking of…Tyrone visits Duane’s (Dalon J. Holland) warehouse to ask for a job. He finds Duane giving instructions to a delivery boy. When he sees Tyrone, Duane says he doesn’t have any job openings. Tyrone tells him that after the state basketball game, he thinks he may have chose the wrong path. He wants to work for Duane to see if that’s the way to go. Duane is empathetic, but says Tyrone is too smart to build house. He encourages Tyrone to go to college instead.

Tyrone sees the delivery boy take a red backpack and leave the warehouse. He decides to follow the kid, but the kid catches Tyrone around a corner. He pulls a gun on Tyrone, telling him to stop following him. Tyrone heads to the church to calm down.

Meanwhile Tandy shows up in the parking lot at Roxxon to meet Mina Hess (Ally Maki). Tandy introduces herself as Liz, an intern. Mina says she didn’t ask for an intern and starts to leave. Tandy acts sad, saying one of the Roxxon guys promise her an internship with Mina specifically. Mina just rolls her eyes, but takes pity on Tandy. She gives her a list of things to buy for the internship.

Cloak & Dagger

EMMA LAHANA, J.D. EVERMORE (Freeform/Skip Bolen)

Detective Brigid O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) continues her secret investigation of the drugs in the neighborhood.  She found a way to get close to Detective Connors (J. D. Evermore) after Tyrone tipped her off about the drugs in his trunk.  Her special friend, Officer Fuch (Lane Miller) warns O’Reilly to stop working with Connors because he’s dangerous.


Tandy finds Tyrone at the church. He tells her about his experience at Duane’s warehouse. His plan was to get in with Duane’s drug operation to take down Connors from the inside. Tandy advises him to use his powers to scare the dealers away. That will create a job opening for Tyrone.

Tandy tells him about her fake internship with Mina. Mina’s dad survived the rig explosion and worked with Nathan Bowen. Tandy is using her to get more inside information about Roxxon and the accident. Tyrone thinks she might make a friend, but Tandy calls Mina her mark. Strange how they are switching up their lifestyles to get what they want.

Tandy meets Mina at an abandoned amusement park. Mina has turned a shipping container in to a pretty cool, eco friendly house. Tandy finds a model of the oil rig. She asks Mina about it, but Mina doesn’t want to talk about it. They head out to do an equipment check around the lake.

Connors checks in with O’Reilly. Her trail to find the drug boss has gone cold, but she found suspicious man that could be a dealer. She followed him and took pictures. Connors wants tag along to help her find the dealer

Auntie Chantelle and Evita continue reading the cards. Chantelle says to understand what is coming, they have to look at the past.  Chantelle has three sets of dolls on her mantel and each has a story involving major disaster. The cards say another major disaster is coming. Tyrone is linked to it as one half of the divine pairing. So who’s the other half?

Cloak & Dagger

OLIVIA HOLT (Freeform/Skip Bolen)

Liz the Intern

Tandy or ‘Liz’ treads through muddy water with Mina. Tandy tries to keep the conversation on Roxxon and Ivan Hess, but Mina is looking for Bea Arthur. Mina explains that there used to bees in the swamp every ten yards, but most of them have disappeared. There is one that always shows up. She compares the bee population disappearance to New Orleans. After every disaster, the bees come back…just like NOLA.

Mina takes ‘Liz’ to a valve that she created. Mina says Roxxon is not drilling for oil. They are drilling a substance that burns 10X better than oil and it’s twice as hot. That’s why the rig exploded. It couldn’t handle the substance. Mina fixed it by putting pressure release points around the city to handle the heat. They are checking the valves to make sure the heat is being contained.

Tandy brings up her dad. She mentions an article that blamed Nathan Bowen for the rig explosion. Mina says her dad said Bowen never made a miscalculation in his life. Tandy is happy to hear that. They are interrupted by an exec from Roxxon. He tells Mina the valve is malfunctioning.

Mina checks the overheating valve, but can’t find what is wrong with it. Tandy looks at the blueprints and realizes the valve was built in the wrong place. Mina yells at the suit for the oversight. He defends his decision saying it would have taken a crane to build it where she said to put it. Mina says she will tell Scarborough and relocate the valve herself. Mina walks away and Tandy follows. She uses he dagger to put a hole in the exec’s tire before leaving.

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Mean Streets

Cloak & Dagger

AUBREY JOSEPH (Freeform/Skip Bolen)

Connors tells O’Reilly that she needs to think like the junkies and drug dealers to figure out their patterns. O’Reilly says if you start thinking like the other guy, you might become him. Connors sees Duane’s dealer with the red backpack. He tells her to pull over and a bunch of kids run away. O’Reilly sees the dealer drop the backpack and run, but can’t find it. She and Connors run after the dealer. Tyrone emerges from behind a trash can with the red backpack and walks away.

Connor catches up with the dealer. He says he needs a meeting with Duane. Duane is getting unwanted attention and Connors is trying to save him. He beats the kid up in front of O’Reilly. He asks for the backpack, but O’Reilly says someone else got it. Connors asks the dealer if he has a partner, but the dealer says he has nothing. They let the dealer go and leave the scene.

Tyrone walks along with the backpack and Duane’s dealer catches up with him. He starts to attack Tyrone for the backpack. Tyrone takes his hand and sees his fears. The visions scares the dealer and he runs away.

The Build Up

Auntie Chantelle says the future is coming at them like a freight train. Evita asks if there’s another way to stop it or slow it down. Chantelle says like everything in nature, energy builds and releases. Once the wheels start turning, only the divine pairing can stop it.  This will all happen soon. Evita says there has to be some signs or a point of no return. Chantelle says the point of no return is the end.

Cloak & Dagger

DALLON J. HOLLAND (Freeform/Skip Bolen)

Tyrone takes the backpack to Duane. He tells him that he wants to work for him. Duane doesn’t like it, but he agrees to let Tyrone ride with him. Then Tyrone can decide if he really wants to do what Duane does.

Mina is impressed that ‘Liz’ knew how to read her blueprints. Tandy explains that a scientist came to her school to make science fun. That guy let her keep a blueprint of rockets. They talk about Mina’s dad again. He was a fluid engineer on the rig and from the sounds of it, really admired Nathan Bowen. So does Mina. She says she has the same wiring as her dad, but she’s more like a Nathan.

Tandy asks to talk to Mina’s dad to learn more about Nathan. Mina doesn’t like the idea. Tandy is about to touch Mina’s hand to see her hopes, but a bee lands on her shoulder. Mina tells her to stay still. She talks to the bee, saying hello and goodbye. Tandy changes her mind about seeing Mina’s hopes.

Cloak & Dagger

EMMA LAHANA (Freeform/Skip Bolen)

Duane calls Connors and they arrange a meeting. Connors tells O’Reilly that he has a lead on the drug ring. He says they have to get them that night.

Tyrone tries to ask about the phone call, but Duane tells him not to worry about it. Duane explains that NOLA is a city of survivors of whatever the world tries to throw at them. He says whatever Tyrone puts out in the world comes back on him. It may not be fair or right, but it always comes back. Justice is for white people, but not for them. They are survivors.


Mina and ‘Liz’ return to Mia’s home. Tandy asks about Mina’s dad again. Mina is bothered that she keeps asking about him. Mina says Liz knows way too much about rig schematics, she’s blonde and the right age to be Nathan Bowen’s daughter Tandy. Tandy gave herself away when she talked about the scientist that went from school to school to make science fun.

Auntie Chantelle says she’s scared for Tyrone. The cards are the same for all of the other disaster pairings. One will live and one will die.

Duane and Tyrone return to the warehouse.  Duane is impressed with Tyrone, saying even as a kid Tyrone had guts. He says it was brave the way Tyrone jumped in the lake after Billy. Tyrone realizes that Duane was there that night, but he didn’t say anything. He scolds Duane for keeping quiet about what happened and then working with Connors after. Duane figures out Tyrone’s game. He wants to take down Connors and use Duane’s business to do it. Tyrone tells Duane to speak up, but Duane knows he would be killed if he did. Tyrone says Duane is killing Billy every day, all over again by staying silent. Connors shows up at the warehouse. Duane tells Tyrone to go home. He says they will talk later.

Cloak & Dagger

OLIVIA HOLT (Freeform/Skip Bolen)

Mina visits her dad. Ivan Ness (Tim Kang) is in an assisted living facility. He doesn’t talk or move. Mina tries talking to him, but he doesn’t make a sound. Tandy shows up and apologizes for lying to Mina. Mina says if she had told her the truth, she would have taken Tandy to Ivan. Tandy apologizes, saying she is looking for answers about her dad and the accident. She asks Mina if she can try talking to Ivan. 

Tandy sits in front of Ivan. She reaches out to him and he starts humming.  She touches his hand and sees a door in the woods.  Tandy tries to open the door, but Tyrone’s darkness prevents her from doing so. The vision ends. Tandy introduces herself to Ivan and says hi. She realizes that she may know of someone else who could help her. 

Tyrone hides to watch the exchange between Connors and Duane. Connors gives Duane a gun and tells him to kill O’Reilly when she walks in the door. He tells Duane that his dealers got sloppy and caught O’Reilly’s attention. Duane has to take care of her and Connors will keep the police off Duane’s back. He says killing O’Reilly will be better for business. Tyrone tries to call O’Reilly to warn her, but O’Reilly ignores his call.  

O’Reilly enters the warehouse. Duane pulls his gun, but O’Reilly is faster. She shoots and kills Duane. Tyrone screams out and runs away. Connors sees him and runs after him. Connors shoots twice directly at Tyrone. Each time Tyrone phases in and out of Connor’s sight. Tyrone completely disappears on the third phase. Connors is left behind, confused by what he just saw.

Tyrone appears at the church, distraught by what just happened. Tandy knows he’s upset. She goes to console him and he starts crying. She tries to hug him, but their powers won’t allow her to touch him.

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