Every week we learn something new about Cloak & Dagger. And every week, Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) grow closer to the answers they are looking for…and each other.  

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Tandy looks over the file on Roxxon from Greg’s office. She pieces together the things that fit, but finds a huge hole in the file.  She needs to find more information on the corporation.

Detective O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) meets a fellow officer for a little…e’hem, afternoon delight.  They are interrupted by a phone call for O’Reilly to return to the station. She meets Tyrone and pretends to be helping him find his bike.  They quietly discuss Detective Connors (J. D. Evermore). Tyrone tells her that Connors has been dealing drugs that he got out of the evidence room.  He offers to continue watching Connors, but O’Reilly tells him to leave the police work to her. 

Tyrone goes to school and Tandy is there. She tells him about controlling her daggers. They apologize to each other and Tandy asks to print some things about Roxxon.  He takes her to a computer lab. Tandy looks up employees at Roxxon. She says she is going to use her power to see hopes to get information from the employees.  

Tyrone asks how she was able to control her powers. she answers that she basically tried killing herself.  She encourages Tyrone to do the same to control his teleportation powers. 

Cloak & Dagger

Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson/Cloak in Cloak & Dagger, “Princeton Offense” Freeform.com

Tyrone joins his team for a pep rally.  One of the boys who beat him up in the equipment room acts like nothing happened. He says Tyrone has played better since getting the beating. Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy) and the cheerleaders line up and Tyrone thanks her for decorating his locker. She says that’s what friends are for and that throws Tyrone off a little. They go to the pep rally and Tandy watches from afar.  She realizes that she is at a prep school. So she heads to the cheerleader’s locker room and takes a few things.

One Bad Apple

O’Reilly researches the death of Billy Johnson (Marqus Clae).  Her boyfriend/cop interrupts her and she questions him about the neighborhood. He says things used to be worse, but the police were able to put a lot of dealers in jail.  She mentions that Connors was responsible for the majority of those arrests.  And that led to one dealer monopolizing the drug dealing in the neighborhood.  The boyfriend gives her a strange look and says things are better because of Connors. 

O’Reilly interviews Liam (Carl Lundstedt).  He’s upset that Tandy has never visited him.  O’Reilly asks him about the local nightclub drug scene. Liam plays dumb saying that wasn’t his scene, but O’Reilly knows different.  She wants to offer him a deal for any information he gives her.  Liam prepares to talk. 

Cloak & Dagger

Carl Lundstedt as Liam Walsh in Cloak & Dagger, “Princeton Offense” Freeform.com

Later that night, O’Reilly searches a woman for drugs and finds several small packages of cocaine on her.  The woman works at one of the clubs. O’Reilly wants to know who takes the money she gets for selling the cocaine.  The woman gives in and tells her the process, but doesn’t know who takes the money.  O’Reilly starts to leave, but the woman asks for her cocaine back.  She says all cops are dirty in some way.  

O’Reilly goes back to the station and snorts a couple of lines of cocaine. Connors catches her and then joins her.  She tells him that she used to do the same thing in New York City.  And she always got her score from  a night club owner.  Connors is impressed and says they may have to start riding together.  O’Reilly agrees and leaves Connors in the evidence room. 

The Big Game

Tyrone heads home before getting ready for the game.  He looks at a picture of Billy and his friends.  Adina (Gloria Reuben) is downstairs on the phone about a case involving Roxxon.  After she hangs up, he shows her the picture and wonders what ever happened to Billy’s friends.  Adina says Billy would have been proud of Tyrone. Tyrone puts the picture back, but is transported to a warehouse.

The warehouse is owned by Duane Porter (Dalon J. Holland), one of Billy’s friends in the picture. He greets Tyrone, saying he’s proud of how far Tyrone has come.  Tyrone express his admiration for what Duane has built.  Duane attributes everything to hard work. He thinks Billy would have been his partner in the business. Tyrone thinks owning his own business is great and something to look forward to. 

Tyrone goes back to the school and meets Evita in Father Delgado’s office. He wants to give her his letter jacket. She tells him not to do anything he’s not ready for.  He mistakes that for rejection. She just wanted to make sure he was ready. He says he is. She puts the jacket on and kisses him before leaving.

Party Hardy

Tandy inserts the pictures of the employees into the story, but is still having a hard time connecting the dots. She looks up their s0cial media accounts and finds that they use an escort service from time to time.  She dresses in one of the prep school uniforms that she stole to interview for a job at the service.

The interviewer likes her, but wants to make sure she can be discreet.  Tandy is agreeable and hired on the spot. The interviewer sends her to a Roxxon party that same night. 

Cloak & Dagger

Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen/Dagger in Cloak & Dagger, “Princeton Offense” Freeform.com

Game Time

As Tandy arrives at her party, Tyrone starts his basketball game.  Tyrone is fouled on a shot, but the defender didn’t touch him. He wants to argue with the ref, but he shoots his free throws and continues to play.  He reaches for a pass, but the ball goes through his hands.  The refs calls the ball out on the other team.  Tyrone knows that was wrong, but the ref won’t listen.

At the same time, Tandy is walking through the party, touching the employees to see their hopes. Each man hopes to move ahead in the company and at the same time, they want to humiliate the same man.  

Tandy starts searching the party for the employees that she researched. She finds one and starts to walk toward him.  At the same time, Tyrone dives for a loose ball.  Both teams go after him, but Tyrone ends up with the ball in the end. The ref touches his shoulder, causing Tyrone to see his fears. The ref is rigging the game to avoid getting beat up.  When Tyrone comes back, the ball is gone.  The ball shows up at Tandy’s party and causes her target to walk away. 


Tyrone sits in the locker and puts a towel over his head.  Tandy goes up the stairs of the party and Tyrone appears to her.  Tyrone says that when she uses her powers, his powers are activated as well. They are that connected. He tells her to help him get back to the locker room.  Tandy sees a poster on the wall and recognizes the man from the visions.  His name is Peter Scarborough (Wayne Pére). He’s the man who took everything she had after her father died.

Tyrone is happy that she got some answers, but he has to get back to the game. Tandy tells him to try killing himself, like she did.  She helps him by pushing him off the balcony.  Tyrone lands in a fountain, but is transported back to the locker room just in time for the second half. 

Cloak & Dagger

Ally Maki as Mina Ness and Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen/Dagger in Cloak & Dagger, “Princeton Offense” Freeform.com

Tandy starts to leave and sees a girl getting sick. She tells the girl to drink some water and take some aspirin.  The girl says she’s okay, it’s just nerves. Someone calls for Mina Ness (Ally Maki) to come to the podium and the girl leaves.

The game is down to the last ten seconds. Tyrone’s team is down by one point. He has the ball. Tyrone dribbles down the court. As each defender touches him, he sees their fears.  He pauses, and looks around. He knows his team is counting on him. Tyrone sees Evita and his parents watching him and he takes a shot.  The ball bounces out of the basket at the buzzer.  Tyrone smiles.

Tandy returns to the church to research Peter Scarborough. She heads to his house, pretending to have a flat tire and a dead phone. He won’t let her  use his phone, but he does go back to the car with her to fix the flat.  Tandy creates a dagger, but changes her mind. She touches his head instead and sees his hopes. He is taking money from all of the dead rig workers that washed up in the lake.  She picks up a helmet and sees the name on the front: Ivan Ness. 

Tyrone gets home and Evita is waiting for him in his room. He thinks she is going to give his jacket back, but she’s not. She says she knows what he did with the ref.  She takes off the jacket and is only wearing her underwear.  Evita tells Tyrone that she knows who he is and she kisses him. 

New Information

Cloak & Dagger

Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson/Cloak in Cloak & Dagger, “Princeton Offense” Freeform.com

The next morning, Evita gets dressed and prepares to leave. Tyrone asks her to stay, but she says he can’t explain her to his parents. She leaves through the window. Tyrone lays back down and transports back to the warehouse. He hears Duane talking to someone and finds Connors is there. It turns out that Connors works for Duane, moving drugs.

Tandy studies the Roxxon documents again. She looks at a blueprint of the oil rig that exploded.  She sees two names on the back of the blueprint: Nathan Bowen and Ivan Ness.  Tandy goes to a Roxxon video shoot.  Mina is the subject. She says that her father died in an accident.  Roxxon paid for her college and now she is a biologist working for Roxxon to save the world. 

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