After a powerful first season, fans have been wanting more from Cloak & Dagger. Luckily for them, they don’t have to wait long to see more of the drama in New Orleans. Today Marvel announced the release date of the second season and it’s a lot closer than you think!

Posted on their official Twitter page, Marvel let fans know the good news with a small teaser. The kids are coming back and there about to create a whole lot of trouble. The trailer starts with Tandy (Olivia Holt) holding one of her daggers and using it as a light. Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) uses his cloak to disappear. Brigid O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) is emptying a clip at someone. Finally the three of them end up in a room together covered in articles and photos. “This is mayhem”.

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Since the first season ended back in August, the wait for more has been tortorus. Tandy and Tyrone were finally getting a hold of their powers and learning more about them. Something is going quite wrong for O’Reilly. There is a lot more to explore and with this teaser, the excitement has immediately built back up. Luckily for us, we only have to wait less than two months to see it!

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Marvel news. Cloak & Dagger returns to Freeform on April 4th, 2019.



Erin Lynch