It’s here! This Jersey Girl has been waiting for what feels like an eternity for Kevin Smith and Lionsgate Movies to drop the official trailer for Clerks III. And let me tell you, this does not disappoint. It’s Clerk-tastic! The long-awaited third installment to Smith’s first film has been a hot topic for some time. It was on the table, off the table, back on it, and finally filmed, edited and ready to go.

Clerks III sees the return of Randal (Jeff Anderson), Dante (Brian O’Halloran), Elias (Trevor Fehrman), Jay (Jason Mewes), Silent Bob (Smith) and Becky (Rosario Dawson). Things seem to be back to normal after Randal and Dante purchased the Quick Stop at the end of Clerks 2. They are playing hockey on the roof, running the store, assuring everyone they are open, and Jay and Silent Bob are dancing away out front. Everything is all good.

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That is until Randal has a massive heart attack and starts to rethink all of his life choices. It sounds a tad bit familiar, Mr. Smith. But we love the idea that Randal is over the retail life after all these years. So what does he decide to do? Make a movie. And what is this movie about? Working at the Quick Stop. Sounds pretty familiar, Mr. Smith. And as the trailer goes through the process, we see callbacks to some of our favorite moments from Clerks. Just hearing Fred Armisen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Ben Affleck say, “I’m not even supposed to be here today,” had us rolling.

Personally, our favorite callback from the Clerks III trailer has to be to the deleted ending from Clerks. Originally Dante was supposed to be shot by someone who was robbing the store at the end of the night. Thankfully, Smith took the film in a different direction, which allowed the two store clerks to live on through an entire slew of movies. It’s very meta, as Austin Zajur and his friend so helpfully point out. And if anyone does meta right, it’s Smith and the Askewniverse. Just the idea of all the fun little tidbits and people they could call back to has us excited.

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But let it be known that if the salsa shark does not make an appearance in Clerks III, I will be devastated. Along with the trailer, Smith and Lionsgate also shared their upcoming partnership with Fathom Events to bring the film to the big screen. Tickets will be available for showings on September 13, 2022, and September 15, 2022. We suggest checking out the official event page to find a theater closer to you. Smith is also hosting a tour with a live Q&A after the screening. More information and dates for that can be found here.

We’ve dropped the Clerks III trailer and poster below for your enjoyment. What iconic scene from Clerks do you want to see them recreate? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

Clerks III poster featuring a lock with the Clerks III logo on it.

Image courtesy of Lionsgate Movies.

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