Comedy, Science Fiction and Action movies often get overlooked at awards shows. Granted there are plenty of terrible action movies…and comedies… and sci-fi but can’t we say that for all genres?

These are my Oscar snubs, movies and actors who should have been honored but haven’t so I’m sending them a GGA salute!

Chris-Evans-Tilda-Swinton-and-Octavia-Spencer-in-SnowpiercerBest Picture

1. Edge Of Tomorrow

2. Snowpiercer

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy

4. Chef

5. X-Men: DOFP

Edge-of-Tomorrow_2916537bBest Actress

1. Emily Blunt-Edge Of Tomorrow

2. Tilda Swinton-Everything

3. Jennifer Lawrence- X-Men/Hunger Games

4. Rose Byrne- Neighbors

5. Karin Konoval- Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes


Best Actor

1. Chris Evans- Snowpiercer/Captain America

2. Tom Cruise- Edge Of Tomorrow

3. Jon Favreau- Chef

4. Chris Pratt- GOTG

5. James McAvoy- X-Men:DOFP


Best Supporting Actress

1. Karen Gillan- GOTG

2. Cate Blanchett- Hobbit

3. Zoe Zaldana- GOTG

4. Liv Tyler- Space Station 76

5. Keri Russel- Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes


Best Supporting Actor

1. Peter Dinklage- X-Men:DOFP

2. Jamie Bell- Snowpiercer

3. Dave Bautista- GOTG

4. Bradley Cooper- GOTG

5. Jon Leguizamo- Chef

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