Welcome back, Coal Hill students! Class is no longer in session after this week! I know, I hate goodbyes too. Thankfully, Class gave us a stellar, jam-packed season finale for us to study. Corakinus and his Shadow Kin cronies made their unwelcome return to Earth. Quill dealt with the consequences of pregnancy since, you know, Quills tend to consume their mothers upon birth. Tanya and Ram faced devastating loses, which drove them in different directions. April made the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity. In short, loads of stuff happened, which we’ll delve into more starting…now! Shall we begin? One last Class before summer break starts? Friendly reminder that spoilers run rampant like the Shadow Kin, so do exercise caution. 

We open with a sleeping Quill (Katherine Kelly), who’s been in hibernation mode for almost a week. She is very much pregnant, and looking as if she might produce spawn at any moment. Remember what she said in the previous episode, about Quill eating their mothers? Well, that’s a thing. However, I think our Quill is too tough for that. 

Meanwhile, April (Sophie Hopkins) is performing an original piece titled “The Lost” at an open mic night. Episode title mentioned in the episode makes for a very giddy Melody. Her song serves as a musical montage as we see our Coal Hill gang deal with life after the events of “Detained.” Charlie (Greg Austin) and April band together following the fallout from their respective relationships with Matteusz (Jordan Renzo) and Ram (Fady Elsayed). Tanya (Vivian Oparah) tries to call Ram, who promptly ignores said phone call in favor of practicing soccer with his father Varun (Aaron Neil). Charlie observes Quill as she hibernates, looking pensive. 

Suddenly, while Ram is still on the soccer field with his father, we see a large scimitar protruding from Varun’s chest. He disintegrates on the spot, in front of poor Ram. Corakinus (Paul Marc Davis) makes his entrance, much to Ram’s horror. Seriously, can’t we give this guy a break? His girlfriend and his father? Corakinus towers over Ram and utters “One.” Uh oh. Countdowns (ups?) are never a good sign. 

Later, April hugs her mother Jackie (Shannon Murray) after the former’s performance. Ram enters, in tears. He informs April of the death of his father, and Corakinus’ return to Earth. Meanwhile, Matteusz returns home to Charlie after taking a brief sabbatical from their relationship. 

Pictured: Jordan Renzo

Suddenly, we hear Quill scream. Charlie and Matteusz run to her side. Looks like someone woke up to a surprise pregnancy! However, Quill’s initial confusion transforms into determination as she asks Charlie the whereabouts of her gun. It’s Quill-Goes-On-A-Rampage Time!

Meanwhile, April tries calling Tanya, but our favorite Sailor Moon fan ignores the call. Not a fan of our gang being divided. Then, we see Quill reveal her grand plan to Charlie. Basically, it can be surmised as this: kill everyone that screwed her over. Use the Cabinet of Souls on the Shadow Kin, then use her trusty gun on Charlie. Everybody dies! 

Suddenly, after a brief spat between Tanya and her mother Vivian (Natasha Gordon), we see Corakinus slaughter the latter. Murder number two! Tanya screams in horror. 

Meanwhile, April feels the former Shadow Kin King’s presence. Her eyes glow red as she reads his thoughts. Ram and Jackie are with her, and the former makes a case for hightailing it out of there. However, the party is never complete without Corakinus, who appears and presses his scimitar against Jackie’s throat (not a euphemism). 

Later, Quill sits before her vanity and chops off her golden locks. She’s now sporting her signature bob once again. We hear the doorbell buzzing from downstairs. 

Meanwhile, April reminds Corakinus that if he harms Jackie she’ll kill him (and also herself in the process). Corakinus senses the Shadow Kin blood in Jackie’s veins from when April healed her legs. He proposes an ultimatum – April relents to his grand plan and he’ll leave her mother alone. 

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Then, we see Tanya is on the other side of Quill’s door. She begins to sob uncontrollably, hugging Quill’s baby bump. Then, of course, she realizes that Quill has a baby bump. Quill, not one for comforting, does her best to alleviate the situation. I love socially awkward Quill. Tanya then reveals what happened, and that she wishes to use the Cabinet of Souls on the Shadow Kin. This perks Quill’s ears considerably. 

Meanwhile, Charlie and Matteusz arrive on the scene guns, well, gun blazing. Charlie aims Quill’s weapon at Corakinus. The Shadow Kin Leader threatens to kill more of our gang’s loved ones unless April joins him. Charlie phones Tanya who, once again, ignores the call. These guys are really good at brushing each other off. Anyway, Tanya vows to force Charlie to use the Cabinet of Souls on the Shadow Kin, while Quill vows to help Tanya. It’s the dream team I never knew I wanted. My Thelma and Louise pairing. 

Then, Corakinus taunts Charlie, who doesn’t believe our Rhodian Prince has the stones to kill him. Corakinus huffs some dark magic dust (shadow?) into Charlie’s face. Whatever its intended effect is, it’s certainly not immediate, as Charlie’s behavior doesn’t change. Corakinus points his scimitar at Matteusz and informs him he’s “Number Five.” And with that, the Shadow Kin disappears. Ram continues to make his case for leaving, so Corakinus doesn’t slaughter more of their loved ones. Charlie and April are more keen on staying. Fighting the good fight. Ram leaves in a huff.

April follows Ram outside, where he tries to persuade her to run away with him. She gently reminds him that she can’t leave her mother alone, causing a forlorn Ram to go without her. Ah, young love. 

Meanwhile, Charlie and Matteusz pay Ames (Pooky Quesnel) a visit at Coal Hill. Charlie bursts into her office, Quill’s gun trained on the Headmistress. He tells Ames the gang needs her help. She leads them to a door marked “Ever Upward Reach Staff Only.” Ames tells the boys that they’re not granted entry inside said door. She will try to gather information for them though. We discover that The Governors reside behind the mystery door. Ames also reveals more information regarding the mysterious organization that’s eluded our heroes for the entire season. The Governors are academics, devoted to research. They are preparing for an event known as The Arrival. Ames extends an olive branch to Charlie, telling him he can “still be apart of it.” And with that, she disappears behind the door.

Later, Quill and Tanya are in the school library hunting down the latter’s brothers. Tanya finally spots them…and so does Corakinus. Just as Corakinus is about to deliver a death blow to the unsuspecting brothers, Quill steps in with a mighty kick to the Shadow Kin’s face. Yes, Arn-free Quill is the Quill we all need. She engages in hand-to-shadow hand combat with him. Just when Quill has him cowering on the ground, he slips through a small tear in Space Time. They can teleport now? Uh oh. 

Meanwhile, Matteusz and Charlie have a heart to heart while they wait for Ames. When she finally emerges from The Governor’s lair, she tells the boys that a problem is afoot. Then, we see Quill give Tanya a motherly heart to heart of her own. Aw, her maternal instincts are kicking in. Quill takes Tanya to the gymnasium, where the latter learns how to fight. 

Later, Ames and the boys arrive at the library and witness the destruction caused by Quill’s battle with Corakinus. Charlie locates Quill’s bracelet, and the Rhodian Prince puts two and two together. New mission: find Quill. 

Then, we see April outside the school, leaving a heartfelt voicemail for Ram. This smells like an “I’m about to make the ultimate sacrifice for humankind” voicemail. 

Meanwhile, Ames and co. stumbles upon Quill and Tanya in the gym. Quill is teaching Tanya the basics in combat, and the two are entrenched in a faux battle. Charlie mistakes it for real aggression and pulls Tanya away from Quill. Tanya reveals that she wants him to use the Cabinet to destroy the Shadow Kin, once and for all. Charlie reminds her that if he uses the Cabinet he will die, along with April. Of course, in her grief, Tanya is more willing to choose her family. Quill breaks off a chair leg and bolts toward Ames, but Charlie stands resolutely in her way.

Pictured: Katherine Kelly and Greg Austin

Now, April is in front of the In Memoriam board in the school, searching psychically for Corakinus. We see her eyes glow crimson as she pinpoints the Shadow Kin’s location. Ram takes his packed bags to his car and notices he has a voicemail from April. Open it, dude! 

Meanwhile, Corakinus is now in the gym (this guy gets around), with Matteusz in his grasp. Charlie points the gun at Corakinus and demands the Shadow Kin release Matteusz. April enters the scene, looking like a superhero ready to sacrifice herself. 

Outside, Ram listens to April’s voicemail, where she confesses that she was simply afraid to love him. April admits her love, though. Finally! Is a simple confession of devotion too much to ask? However, not all is rainbows and unicorns for our lovebirds. He notices that shadows are forming all across the city – Shadow Kin leaking through multiple rifts in Space Time to terrorize Earth. We see people run frantically from the aliens as they destroy whomever is in their path.

Meanwhile, April vows to go with Corakinus. She tells Charlie that unless he “sets her free” more innocent people will die. Suddenly, more Shadow Kin appear, surrounding our heroes. Ram decides to make a break for Coal Hill to join his friends in the fight. 

Pictured: Sophie Hopkins

Then, Corakinus shoves Matteusz aside and grabs April in his stead. Everything is dependent on Charlie’s actions – who lives and who dies. With April’s urging, Charlie makes a decision. He fires the gun, killing both April and Corakinus in one fell swoop. Ram arrives right as the gun goes off, catching April as she falls into his arms. He weeps uncontrollably. And I ask again, why can’t we give this guy a break? 

Ames notices that the Shadow Kin are remaining absolutely still. She wonders who is commanding them since their king is dead. We see a flashback from earlier in the episode when Corakinus infects Charlie with shadow dust. Charlie’s eyes glow red, and we see he is now king. Our Rhodian Prince tosses the gun to Quill and makes his first executive decision as king – he’s going to use the Cabinet of Souls on the Shadow Kin.

Then, Charlie begins the ritual, opening the Cabinet and cradling the orb inside it. The Shadow Kin surrounding out gang launches into action when they realize what is happening. Quill, Tanya, Ames and Matteusz fight them off. We see the souls fleeing from the Cabinet, extending the world over and destroying all Shadow Kin in their wake. The Underneath, the world of the Shadow Kin, caves in on itself and is incinerated. Even the Shadow Kin battling our gang is decimated. Finally, we see one last soul lingering above the Cabinet, one that is meant to take out Charlie. Quill, unexpectedly, pushes him out of the way as the soul takes flight.

Pictured: Katherine Kelly

Later, Ames makes her way back to The Governors. The interior is very cathedral-esque, and we see Ames give a report to a group in suits standing above her. The Governors are not impressed with her work, regardless of how strong her belief is in The Arrival and academia as a whole. They condemn Ames to death via…Weeping Angel! Yes, a creature from sister show Doctor Who finally made an appearance! I can die happy now. We see the leader of The Governors gaze lovingly at an ancient mural depicting the Weeping Angels. So, they are the next big bad. Love it!

Pictured: Pooky Quesnel

Meanwhile, Charlie comes to the jarring realization that now every soul of every Rhodian who lived is now gone. He no longer has any hope of restoring his people. Charlie also wonders how he managed to survive. Quill gently reminds him that his punishment his living with the sacrifice. Suddenly, Corakinus sits upright, causing Ram to scuttle away toward the rest of the group. Or is it really Corakinus? He opens his mouth to speak, but April’s voice comes out. “Why is everyone looking at me like that?” she asks. Which of course, brings on more bewildered staring from our heroes. 

Class gave us a season finale worth gushing over. Powerful performances from the entire cast, for one. Quill and Tanya are my favorite characters, so I was ecstatic to see them team up. We were given Weeping Angels, which further solidifies the bond between Class and Doctor Who. And, of course, a slew of cliffhangers: April and Corakinus pulled a Freaky Friday (I’m starting on a fanfic version of this as we speak), but as far as we know the actual Shadow Kin ruler is dead. 

How will the gang go about transferring April to her real body? Not to mention, will The Governors be the big bad if there is a Season Two? Will we get a glimpse of The Arrival, with Weeping Angels overtaking Earth? What about Quill and her impending birth? Will she find a way to avoid Quill ritual and not be consumed by her offspring? I personally always hate when that happens. Guys, I have too many questions. Class needs to see a Season Two. 

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Well, I guess this is so long for now! Make sure to brush up on all things Class with my recaps here on Geek Girl Authority. Until we meet again…

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