Welcome back, Coal Hill students! Class brought the heart and the horror this week with the second installment of the April/Shadow Kin saga. While April and Ram navigated the cavernous depths of the Underneath, the rest of our gang dealt with the threat of human extinction on Earth. Charlie made a difficult decision regarding the Cabinet of Souls, while the parents of our supernatural crime fighter teenagers learned just what their kids have been up to. Seriously, being a teenager is tough stuff – hormones, school, trying to eliminate dangerous flower petals that could wipe out humanity. I’ve said it before, but I’d take mundane adulthood any day of the week. Alright, enough jibber jabber, let’s dig in! Friendly reminder that spoilers can multiply like those bloodsucking flower petals, so do be careful.

We open with Ram (Fady Elsayed) running solo through the Underneath, the world of the Shadow Kin. He’s being pursued by a Shadow Kin. Our Ram finds a place to hide, but unfortunately is discovered by his pursuer. Thankfully, said pursuer receives the gift of a blade through the chest courtesy of April (Sophie Hopkins). April has the look of vengeance in her eyes as she tells Ram she plans to take down Corakinus. You go, girl! Defeat the evil shadow alien!

Meanwhile, Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) is incredulous of Dorothea Ames’ (Pooky Quesnel) abilities to remove the hardware in her head holding her captive to Charlie. She still questions the identity of Ames and The Governors. Ames explains that The Governors hires specific people capable of defending Coal Hill from extraterrestrial threats, including Miss Quill herself. However, Quill is so tantalized by the thought of her freedom that she plays along. Ames asks Quill how she feels about genocide. I know how I feel about genocide…

Then, we go back to the scene of the world jump, where April and Ram waltzed through the tear in Space Time to the Underneath. Tanya (Vivian Oparah) divulges the 411 on April to April’s mom Jackie (Shannon Murray) and dad Huw (Con O’Neill), who of course are in shock. I would be too if I found out my daughter shared a heart with an alien. Meanwhile, Matteusz (Jordan Renzo) notices the strange pink flower petals from the previous episode strewn about the space. He picks one up, which promptly pricks his hand, drawing blood. Uh oh. Charlie (Greg Austin) tells April’s parents that someone might know how to track down their daughter. Methinks I know who that someone might be…

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Meanwhile, Ames reveals her grand plot to incinerate the alien flower threat – Quill forces Charlie to utilize the Cabinet of Souls. Now, we know the Cabinet can be used as a weapon; it immediately destroys anything on contact. However, there is also the possibility the Rhodian souls trapped inside the Cabinet would also be destroyed. Decisions, decisions.

Later, April reveals to Ram that she has no way of getting them safely back to Earth. Remember the neat trick she did with her dual scimitars, where she tore a hole in Space Time to get to the Underneath? Well, that was a one trick pony.

Meanwhile, Charlie reaches out to Quill, who has something to tell him regarding the flowers. He’s taken aback by how happy she sounds. She’s probably gleeful at the prospect of being free from you, dude. I’m going to make a “Free Quill” shirt and wear it forever. Tanya tells Charlie she must find Ram’s dad, as April isn’t the only one missing.

Then, April and Ram head back inside the caverns they just emerged from, since April’s shared heart also acts as a Corakinus tracking device. She feels how close is really is. Creepy, if you think about it. Ram makes a Lord of the Rings reference, calling April Frodo. When April fails to understand said reference, Ram comments on how it’s from “some old movie my dad likes.” Some old movie?! Now I feel old…

Meanwhile, Tanya and co. unite with Ames and Quill at Coal Hill. Huw gets pricked by one of the mysterious flower petals. Ames reveals that unless they do something, the flower petals will suffocate them all. Quill tells Charlie she’s on to him, that he lied about not having the Cabinet of Souls. Quill is on the case, y’all.

Later, while on the hunt for the King of the Shadow Kin, April and Ram have a frank conversation about religion. It’s refreshing to see a show as diverse as this one, inclusive of all ethnicities, sexual orientations and various faiths. April informs Ram that the Shadow Kin believe they were a cosmic mistake, and are forced to live in the darkness because of it. Suddenly, April has another Corakinus-induced seizure of sorts, and she finally knows where he is.

Meanwhile, Quill pulls Charlie aside for a private conversation…that turns into a private punching session. The hardware in Quill’s brain causes an inordinate amount of pain, as Quill cries out after attacking the Rhodian Prince. Of course, if she were to try anything worse she’d be dead. Then, the two argue over Charlie’s possession of the Cabinet – that he gets to keep his people, while all of Quill’s race was annihilated. The last of her kind, just like a certain Time Lord.

Later, Tanya locates Ram’s dad Varun (Aaron Neil), who probably understands more about what’s going on than the rest of the parents. However, he is having none of it today. The crazy, extraterrestrial Scooby Doo mysteries are at an end, as far as he’s concerned. Playtime is over!

Meanwhile, April pinpoints Corakinus’ lair, which is surrounded by a plethora of Shadow Kin soldiers. April, armed with her dual scimitars, is ready to take on the world. The Underneath hath no fury like an April scorned…

Later, Charlie and Quill take the Ames and Matteusz back to their apartment. They’re standing around the Cabinet of Souls. Quill wants to use the Cabinet to wipe out the Shadow Kin and the deadly flowers. Charlie argues that they will die in the process, as well as the millions of Rhodian souls inside the Cabinet. One genocide for another. Ames beseeches Charlie to help save Earth, but our Prince gives her a resounding “no.” This won’t end well.

Meanwhile, April’s parents and Ram’s father argue about how their children corrupted each other. Tanya steps in as a referee, and reminds them that April and Ram supported each other in difficult situations. Jackie’s chest begins to glow, with the same blue light that shines in April’s chest. She can feel April, which is a step in the right direction to bringing her home.

Then, April reveals to Ram her plan is to fight Corakinus…and become King of the Shadow Kin herself. All the girl power in this one. I love it.

Meanwhile, Ames kicks up the stakes a notch. She withdraws a gun, using scare tactics to get Charlie to use the Cabinet. “Something is going to get fired today,” she says. I love this mystery woman. She gets s**t done.

Later, April and Ram share a smooch after both confessing their “none love” for each other. I mean, they’ve only known each other for a few months, right? Too soon for “I love yous.” Corakinus himself (Paul Marc Davis) laments about teenagers as he witnesses the act. Me too, dude. Me too. April and Corakinus charge at each other, figurative guns blazing. Battle time!

Meanwhile, we see citizens, bloodied and broken, fall over dead from the flower attack. Their bodies are encased in flower petals. I don’t think I like flowers anymore.

Then, Ames’ suspicions are confirmed about the Cabinet – only a Rhodian can operate it. After Ames fires a warning shot at the ceiling, Charlie defiantly tells her he won’t be forced into anything. Ames points the gun at Matteusz. Charlie threatens to take Ames out himself. However, Charlie is struck with an idea – what if they could trick the Shadow Kin to take out the flower petals? Then, they could successfully take out both threats with the Cabinet. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! Quill is even on board with the idea, but Ames isn’t convinced. She has a bigger plan up her sleeve.

Meanwhile, Tanya receives a text from Matteusz, saying “Shadow kills petals.” She’s with the parents, holed up in a classroom away from the bloody massacre outside.

Later, we see April and Corakinus are clashing blades in battle. April is giving just as good as she’s getting. She confirms her knowledge that if she beats Corakinus in battle, she becomes King in his place. He decides to sick his cohorts on Ram, to which April responds by taking out said cohorts. Next Buffy the Vampire Slayer, anyone?

Meanwhile, Tanya encourages Jackie to focus on specific imagery of April, fond memories of her daughter, in order to accurately locate her. We see the blue light glowing once again, more vividly this time. While Corakinus is down for the count, April feels her mother’s tug. She rips open the tear in Space Time, seeing her parents, Tanya and Ram’s father on the other side. Ram’s father and Huw dive in to save their kids. Dad bonding time!

Finally, April has Corakinus on his knees, her scimitars at his throat. April realizes that if she ends him, she dies too. Our dual dads are reunited with their kids.

Meanwhile, Charlie opens the Cabinet and extracts a glowing orb. Welcome to the jungle!

Then, Huw tells April a story about how he understands what it’s like to take a life – his attempt to take his own, to be precise. April stands, scimitars at Corakinus’ throat, listening intently. You can’t help but feel empathy for Huw in that moment. He ends his story by fervently urging April to take the high road, as she always does. She realizes that, since she defeated Corakinus in battle, she is indeed King of the Shadow Kin. Long live the King!

After her newly acquired soldiers recognize her position, they throw Corakinus in the tombs at April’s behest. Triumphant, the quartet sets their sights on home.

Meanwhile, the deadly flowers are overtaking every empty surface – including bursting through the sun roof on Coal Hill school. We see the tear reopen as April, Ram and co. jump through it. Jackie is elated to be reunited with her daughter.

Then, we see Charlie begin an incantation – he calls upon the souls inside the orb for their help. Back at the school, April sees the deadly flowers latch onto Huw’s hand and draw blood. Tanya gives her the short version of the story and asks April if she can use her Shadow Kin powers to ward off the flowers. Worth a shot, right? April raises her blades.

Meanwhile, Quill convinces Charlie to punish those that made them the last of their kinds – the Shadow Kin. Charlie stubbornly counters that they would all die. Ames reminds him that the threat on Earth is worse, and they must prevent the Shadow Kin from returning. Quill decides to cater to Charlie’s hero complex – be the hero the universe needs.

Later, our Coal Hill gang sees the flowers consuming the hallways, trapping them inside the classroom. The light bulb goes off for Ram. He tells April to summon the Shadow Kin, since she is their King. Have them do all the work. Delegation is key, you know.

Meanwhile, Matteusz knocks out Ames cold. He disposes of her gun. Now unimpeded from the other side, Quill urges Charlie to continue the ritual.

Then, April opens the tear in Space Time and asks her followers to stop the threat on Earth. They float, purely in shadow form, through said tear.

Back at Quill’s apartment, Charlie “declares his intent” and sets the orb atop a scepter that’s protruding from the Cabinet. But before he can fully place it, Ames wakes up from her Matteusz-induced nap.

Then, we see the Shadow Kin, formless, wiping out the flowers with their shadowy existence. Meanwhile, the gang at the apartment opens the balcony doors and sees the shadows envelope the flowers around them. Perhaps the Cabinet isn’t necessary after all? Charlie, thrilled that he doesn’t have to use it, places the orb back inside the Cabinet, much to Quill’s dismay. She still wants to wipe out the Shadow Kin. Quill, in tears, tells Charlie he will use it on the Shadow Kin one day. Ah, revenge. Bittersweet.

Meanwhile, Corakinus is being securely locked in his cell. Good, I say! After the flowers are eliminated, April orders the shadows to return to their home world. They disappear. Then, amidst a sweet moment between Ram and April, Corakinus rips out the connector that bound them together. While they still share the same heart, April no longer feels the former King nor does she share his powers. She’s completely normal.

Later, Quill bashes in the windows of a car she believes is Ames’…until the latter shows up and informs Quill she vandalized someone else’s vehicle. Classic Quill, though. Ames tells Quill she’s not the enemy, that they’re fighting for the same things. The Governors knew how the situation would end before it unfolded – quite impressive. Ames still plans on upholding her end of the bargain by removing the Arn from Quill’s brain. At least she’s a woman of her word.

Meanwhile, April bids her father farewell – with a catch. While she doesn’t want to see him for quite some time, she might reach out to him someday. “Someday” is better than “never,” as Huw walks away from April and her mother happy as a clam. Later, since April did heal her mother’s spine when she still had powers, we see Jackie attempt to take said healed spine for a spin. She stands up, albeit a bit wobbly, from her wheelchair and begins to take baby steps. Yay!

What an episode! My personal MVPs are Sophie Hopkins and Katherine Kelly, who dominated this episode of Class with stellar performances. We saw a side of Quill that was never seen before – emotional, fragile and still wounded from the massacre of the Quill people. I love the layers Kelly has injected into her character. April continued to kick butt, flat out telling Ram she doesn’t need a man to save her and becoming King of an alien race. No easy feat, I’m sure.

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Do you think the Corakinus will return? Will Charlie eventually use the Cabinet to eliminate his enemies, or will he find a way to restore the Rhodian race? Or perhaps Quill will exact her revenge on Charlie once she’s free from him? Just who are The Governors? So many questions! Until next time…

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