If you’ve been looking for a hack-and-slash game set in an Arabian Nights-style world, well you’re in luck. Uppercut Games, an indie studio comprised of former BioShock developers, has announced that City of Brass will be making its way to consoles and PC in early May.

We haven’t heard too much about the game since it was announced in June 2017, but every screenshot and demo video has given us a very good sense of what players can expect from this game. To give a brief synopsis, you are a scimitar-wielding, whip-lashing thief whose goal is to get the treasure at the center of the city. Of course, the journey won’t be easy because you are surrounded by enemy ghouls who all want to see you dead.

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Using your agility, deftness, and creativity, you must navigate through the dangerous town by overcoming obstacles and crushing your foes in unique ways. Throughout the game you will collect treasures and encounter friendly genies who can grant you wishes or sell you gear. Permadeath is major component of the game so once you die, you have to restart. Even though you will have some knowledge of the town and it’s secrets, the city’s layout will change, so each playthrough will be a different experience.  

You can find out more about the game by checking out the website and you can watch the release date announcement trailer below.

City of Brass will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on May 4th. It is currently available for Early Access on Steam. 

[Images courtesy of Uppercut Games]


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