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Jenny Flack

Warning: This Article and the Comic Attached Contain ‘Interstellar’ SPOILERS!

Did you walk away from ‘Interstellar‘ with a bucket of questions, like so many did?  Well, Christopher Nolan is looking to soothe your aching brain. At least a little bit.  The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Nolan ‘is filling in a piece of the Interstellar storyline.’ with his comic ‘Absolute Zero’.  The comic is focused on the back story of Matt Damon’s character, Dr. Mann. ‘”Absolute Zero” looks at a key point in his personal journey that takes place before he’s introduced in the film.’ According to THR. So if you were wondering about what was really going on with Mann, you’re in luck.  If you had problems with Michael Caine not just sending in the super robots…. well, you’d better just take some Advil.

You can read the full ‘Absolute Zero‘ comic at


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