The weekend is here, so let’s have a laugh. The Graham Norton Show posted a compilation of its celebrity guests attempting assorted British accents. It’s delightful and you should watch it. 

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The clips feature Chris Pratt, Anne Hathaway, Selma Hayek, Antonio Banderas and Jamie Foxx to name a few. Some attempts are more successful than others. Far more successful. What’s great, as it always is with Graham Norton, is that everyone is having the most fun. The playful, joyous atmosphere just makes you smile. Even when celebrities are clearly making total fools of themselves, they are somehow totally game to do so, and come off looking great for being willing to try. Not all shows can do that. Pratt, however, didn’t need to be worried about looking the fool. He nailed it!

Sit back and enjoy celebrities attempting to do a British accent on The Graham Norton Show. Some are a little better than others…

The Graham Norton Show just finished its 22nd season and is streaming on   


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