It has been announced that the upcoming Space: The New Frontier documentary will be narrated by Chris Pine. Pine is best known to Trekkies as the Star Trek (2009) Kelvin Timeline incarnation of the legendary James T. Kirk. With Space: The New Frontier, he’ll join the proud ranks of Star Trek actors who have narrated documentaries on astronomy and space exploration.

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Space: The New Frontier key art.

Space: The New Frontier

The Space: The New Frontier documentary will examine the current state of space exploration. In order to accomplish this, it will cover topics ranging from NASA’s Artemis campaign to projects launched by international space agencies. Furthermore, Space: The New Frontier will be released in IMAX, Giant Screen and specialty dome theaters. There will be both 2D and 3D versions of the doc.

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Among the other Star Trek alums who have lent their voices to space documentaries is one of Pine’s fellow captains. In 2015, Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) narrated the documentary Journey to Space. Plus, Stewart previously narrated 1993’s The Planets and 1994’s From Here to Eternity: The Ultimate Voyage. Another Star Trek: The Next Generation alum who has narrated an astronomical documentary is LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge). You can hear him narrating 2018’s In Saturn’s Rings.

But Pine isn’t the only actor to play Kirk who has narrated a documentary about space exploration. The actor who originated the role, William Shatner, has lent his voice, too. In 2023, Shatner narrated a NASA documentary called The Space Shuttle. And better yet, you can watch the whole thing online right now.

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Space: The New Frontier is produced by Definition Studios Australia in association with K2 Studios. The movie will debut at the Kennedy Space Center later this month. Over the next several years, it will be released in theaters worldwide.

To learn more about Space: The New Frontier, check out the documentary’s official website.

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