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An article out of Variety yesterday claims that Chris Pine is “in negotiations” to play Wonder Woman‘s love interest, Steve Trevor. This puts to rest any rumors that Scott Eastwood, who’s currently filming in an undisclosed role for Suicide Squad, is playing the iconic role.  As the article goes on to say, “insiders tell Variety that Eastwood was given a choice to test for the Trevor role or sign on for a guaranteed supporting part in Suicide Squad, which he opted to take.”


So here’s what we’re thinking. Maybe Scott Eastwood is still actually playing the role of Steve Trevor — but it’s his son. If this is an origin story for Wonder Woman, are they doing this in the past during WWII when Steve Trevor, a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, crashes into Paradise Island where he and Princess Diana fall in love? Because, if so, he can’t be Steve Trevor in the movies taking place in the here-and-now, so it’d make sense to have some Steve Trevor, Jr. action going on, right?

DC’s Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins, starring Gal Gadot in the titular role and will be released by Warner Bros. in 2017.


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