Ah, 2010. Wherein the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in its infant stage. Chris Evans was filming Captain America: The First Avenger, a blockbuster that would launch his career into the stratosphere. 

Now, on Wednesday, Steve Rogers himself shared a behind-the-scenes video on his Twitter account. Chris Evans’ high school friends, Zachary Jarvis and Jonathan Leonard, served as his assistants for Captain America. Here’s the caption for said video: “When I filmed the first Captain America in 2010, two of my high school buddies, Zach and Jon, were my ‘assistants.’ Zach got a lot of great footage. Jon was unimpressed.” 

The Captain America footage kicks off with Evans leaping through the air while attached to a harness. After the jump, the camera pans to Jon, who shakes his head in disappointment. Next, Evans dives into a pool of water. “What did you think of that dive, Jon?” Zach asks. Once again, Jon silently shakes his head.

Then, we see Evans lifting weights shirtless. We might be (are) impressed, but it doesn’t pass Jon’s test. Lastly, there’s a clip of Evans being lowered while linked to a wire. “He will fall. I hope he falls. You can tell him I said that,” Jon jokes. “He’s connected to a wire,” Zach replies. “You’ve never heard of an accident before?” Jon retorts. Laughter ensues.

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Chris Evans has always seemed down-to-Earth, but it’s nice to know he has friends who make sure he stays grounded. He has buddies who bust his chops any chance they get. Stars: they’re just like us! They have supportive pals! 

If you’re starved for Captain America content, satiate your hunger by watching this fun BTS video below. Side note: Jon should be on every Chris Evans production from here on out. 

We have to disagree with Jon. Color us impressed!

This article was originally posted on 3/3/21.


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