Kids obsessing over video games nowadays is something we’re all aware of. And choosing the right video games for the young ones, then ordering them until they get delivered to the doorstep is still a hassle for parents.

We decided to simplify this process and make it hassle-free by guiding you to choose the games and simplify the ordering process through china post tracking and other ways of tracking.  

Though we all know video games are fictional, they still have impacts on you kid’s subconscious which may make them aggressive or develop an unwanted behaviour. But forcing them to play something they don’t like isn’t a good idea either. So stick around to make video games a constructive activity for your child.


Firstly, you need to figure out that what’s your child’s favourite genre. So you can dive into the stream and find out the best one for your child. The genre would decide the basic environment of the game. There are several genres to choose from.

Strategy games are a rather better option, as they require critical thinking and chalking out plans. Strategic planning and decision-making will develop your child’s brain to function effectively in decision making and logical reasoning.

On the other hand, games revolving around action, violence, and criminal activities such as stealing, hitting, and killing may have adverse effects on your child’s mind and make him aggressive in real life.

Appropriate According To Age

The next very important factor that plays a critical role in this decision is your child’s age, and more importantly your child’s maturity level because many times a child’s maturity level is less or more than his chronological age.

There are games for children of all ages. The Entertainment Software Rating Board, commonly known as ESRB, would help you with this. Make to consider checking the ratings of the game you plan to buy. Its ratings indicate that what ages are it suitable for. The content is developed accordingly. This would indicate if the games have any violence or sexual content or not.

Moral Values

Video games and all other kinds of graphical content that your child comes across has a profound impact on your child’s thought process. So make sure that the video game you choose, should not ingrain bad values in his brain. You’ll see the impacts sooner or later in your child’s attitude, that you may observe getting passively aggressive.

If your child still wants to play it, communicate with him about is it bad and educate him more about it. Another very important thing that most of the parents generally do not know is that sometimes a game seems to be just fine in the beginning and then they stop supervising it. And the rather “bad” or “darker” parts of the games reveal at later levels. So obviously, do not invade your child’s personal space, but supervise from a distance.

Research Sources

Good research is the answer to all questions. And there are dozens of sources where you would find lists of games in all genres with some important details as well. Several gaming magazines enlist the top-notch famous games. You can pick the best options out of those lists and then subject them all to some further research.

Visiting review sites on the internet is also a good option. You won’t only find their information regarding the game but also reviews from various users and parents, which may give you the inside story to make this decision even easier.


We suggest to make good research beforehand regarding the above-quoted critical factors that will leave you and your child both happy.