Universal Pictures has announced that they are developing an original futuristic sci-fi western inspired by Bram Stoker‘s classic monster Dracula. They have tapped Golden Globe nominee Chloé Zhao for the director. She will not only be serving as director, but she will also be writing and producing through her production company, Highwayman.

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Zhao’s Nomadland has been nominated in both the directing and screenwriting categories for this year’s Golden Globe. Peter Cramer, President at Universal Pictures, shared that they are thrilled to have her on board. She has the ability to shine a light on stories of those who tend to be overlooked and misunderstood. Universal can not wait to see how she reimagines Dracula, one of the most misunderstood and iconic characters of all time.

Zhao also shared how excited she is to be given a chance to tackle a story on vampires. They have always fascinated her and she is excited to work at Universal to create bring this character to life again. Not much else is known about the project, but that doesn’t mean I am not beyond excited about this! Dracula is one of my favorite original monsters. He and the idea of vampires have been imagined so many times. And this one will have a sci-fi western spin on it!

Check back with us for more news as Universal and Zhao move forward on the Dracula project!



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