Are the dramas on WEBTOON suddenly too dramatic? Do you need a break from the villains and villainesses? My life is stressful as it is and sometimes I need to unwind without getting invested into an extremely high-stakes plot. What about you? If so, you’re in luck. These webtoons are cute, funny and guaranteed to not stress you out as much as a typical drama. Here are six slice-of-life webtoons to chill to:

banner for the webtoon titled we work from home

We Work From Home

We Work From Home is a relatively new addition to WEBTOON, but is easily one of my top 10 slice-of-life webtoons. The art style is very vibrant with thick outlines with a heavy use of sharp highlights in hairs/furs. The comic is about a soon-to-be-married couple and their two cats. Though right now, most of their comics have been about their two cats. I can’t wait to see what the cats get into next and learn more about the relationship between the two characters as more chapters are released, but until then we can read up on chapters about stray fur, meowing at night and how play fights between cats quickly turn to cats bullying each other.

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banner for the korean WEBTOON comic, the dog diaries

The Dog Diaries

Dog Diaries starts in a black-and-white style, to show how dull and depressing the life of the main character is. Our protagonist is a workaholic who is going through severe burnout and can’t take care of herself adequately. That is until one shred of color joins the world: a puppy. With her new puppy around, our hero is forced to clean up and actually leave her desk once in a while to make sure the scamp gets enough walks and attention. Not everything is belly rubs and rainbows, though. Drama hits from time to time, but we always come back to Reading it made me want to go adopt a dog right away, so read with caution.

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promotional banner for the comic, brutally honest

Brutally Honest

Did you know the creator of the hit furry/ice-skating comic, Blades of Furry, made a slice-of-life webtoon? It was on WEBTOON originals but ended back in 2017 to move back to WEBTOON CANVAS. While I don’t know why it was taken off Originals, I can say that it has the quality to go back on. 

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Brutally Honest has a fun art style with loose, thick black lines, big eyes and minimal details. The humor is very relatable to creatives, but anyone living in the modern world can relate to most of it From fretting over checking your emails to getting random pains when running, there is something for everyone. 

promotional banner for the WEBTOON comic, plus one. There is a woman holding a pregnancy test. she is saying "i am pregnant"

Plus One

Remember when I said to be cautious with The Dog Diaries because it will make you want a dog? Be double cautious with this one. Plus One follows the day-to-day life of a young soon-to-be mom. We start out with the main character announcing her positive pregnancy test while her partner is trying to poop. Everything is kept really light and comedic and is based off the creator’s life. So as the pregnancy develops in real life, we get to see that in the comic world. It is only a matter of time until this pregnancy journey turns into a parenting journey, and I’m 100% invested. 

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promo banner for mono and mochi. It reads mono and mochi. Picture is a man holding a cat who has scratched him

Mono and Mochi

Cat memes never get old, and neither do comics about introverts living with them. Mono is a 20-something introvert and Mochi is their chaotic cat. If you liked the humor in The Daily Life of High School Boys, you’ll love this comic. There is a surprising amount of slap-stick humor for something produced this decade, but it all works insanely well. Guess it goes to show that a cat biting you when you pet its belly will always be the funniest thing ever.

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promo image for couch dinosaur. pictured are two dinos on a couch

Dinosaur Couch

Human comics are so overdone, am I right? What the world really needs is two dinosaurs that hang out together in the most wholesome ways imaginable. Lucky for us, that exists.

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I didn’t think the day would ever come that I’d find a comic like Dinosaur Couch, but here with are. There is little to no plot other than the fact that some dinos reappear and have the same personality as before. This is the ideal comic for your regular dose of funnies, as comics are almost every other day with jokes that never miss their mark. Who knew dinosaur jokes couldn’t get old?

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I’m so excited to sit back and relax to these comics. Which one are you most excited about checking out? Sound off in the comments!

This review was originally published on 4/28/23.

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