Chella Man, a New York based social media influencer, has reached internet fame for his work as an artist, activist, model and YouTuber documenting his gender transition. Now Chella has set his sights on the small screen with the announcement of his casting as  Deathstroke’s son, Joseph Wilson, aka Jericho on DC Universe’s Titans. The strong but very silent hero has the ability to control the bodies and powers of those he locks eyes with. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

This announcement not only confirms that Jericho will be appearing in the Titans second season, but that the show’s creators will stay fateful to the fact Jericho is mute. The hero always used sign language in the comics due to assassins cutting his throat (severing his vocal cords) while in pursuit of Deathstroke when he was a child. This makes Chella ideal for the role, as he was born deaf and relies on a Cochlear implant to hear. Along with the announcement, Chella shared his excitement in the form of a post on his Instagram

“As a trans, Deaf, Jewish person of color, I have always reminded myself of the power in my differences. It is a dream come true, now, as I will be able to showcase this power on the Titans.  HUGE thank you to all who have supported me throughout this process!”


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