I remember excitedly opening the largest present from the gift pile on my 10th Birthday. I was shocked to see what was inside. It was a PlayStation 2. My OWN PS2 (and an Eye Toy). To this day, I still remember the ominous yet comforting feel of the PS2’s start-up sound; transporting me into a realm of new worlds and stories.

I fell in love with Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts 2 on that console. Explored the beautiful world of Okami. Rocked out on Guitar Hero. Constantly rented Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2 from the Blockbuster down the street. My brother and I regularly challenged each other to rounds of Star Wars: Battlefront II and SSX Tricky. Even my father would play Jeopardy on my PS2 now and again.

I remember dog-sitting in the Summers to save up my money for games. There was no better feeling than walking out of Best Buy with Rogue Galaxy and Ape Escape 3 under my arm. Likewise, if I had a bad day at school on account of some bullies, coming home and jamming out to Dance Dance Revolution melted my problems away. Between the ages of 10 and 20 years old, my prime PS2 years, I was not only figuring out who Emily was, but also realizing how important video games were in my life.

emily jacobson at e3

Emily Rose Jacobson infront of the MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN demo floor at E3 2018

Fast forward to 2015. Within two weeks of graduating college, I made my first adult purchase: a PlayStation 4 that came with a copy of The Last Of Us Remastered. In those years, my PS4 and I have been through many moves, midnight releases, storage cleanings, Twitch streams, party games, and more. Playing Persona 5 on my PS4 helped me stay positive and focused when I experienced depression due to my medical issues. I fell in love with VR gaming via my PSVR headset. And it was on this PS4 that I redeemed my first review game code as a video game journalist.

Over the past 25 years, PlayStation has wowed the world with their consoles, games, experiences, commitment to excellence, and more. They continue to develop thrilling titles and immersive fan events like the PlayStation ExperienceIt’s been a long time since the early days of Crash Bandicoot and the original PlayStation,and it’s incredible to see how far this company has come. 

playstation experience

Presentation of DREAMS from the 2017 PlayStation Experience in Anaheim

And now, we’re on the precipice of a new era for PlayStation. With 2020 comes the PlayStation 5: the next evolution of consoles. This next expansion promises better graphics, faster load times, 3D audio, backward compatibility, and of course, a plethora of new and exciting titles to play. To everyone at PlayStation, I raise a glass and toast to you: Congratulations on 25 years of excellence, and cheers to 25 more!

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