Those lovable, super power misfits are making an early appearance. This Friday, characters from Doom Patrol are making an appearance on Titans on the aptly titled episode “Doom Patrol”. In it, we’ll meet some of the characters we’ll come to see next year in their own series. While they may not be in the episode long, we’ll definitely see why they’ve been neglected by most of the super powered community.

In an exclusive clip thanks to DC, we see Robotman (Jake Michaels), Negative Man (Dwain Murphy) and Elasti-Woman (April Browby) sitting down for a meal. Elasti-Woman, being a former actress, piles on the food as she’s finally able to let loose on her calorie intake. There is just so much gravy on all of her food. But before she can finish swallowing her first bite, her face starts to stretch and deform, causing her extreme embarrassment and seemingly pain. She slams her fork in frustration.

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But that’s not all. In photos shared, we see that the group will somehow come into contact with the Titans. Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Raven (Teagan Croft) will be joining them for dinner. Why? We’re unsure. But it might have to do with a young child who is seemingly injury by some metapowers. We also have our first look at the ringleader of the misfits, Dr. Niles “Chief” Caulder (Bruno Bichir, later recast as Timothy Dalton) who sets his team to work, helping him to save this kid. Will Team Doom Patrol be successful? You’ll just have to find out on Friday. 

Check out the clip and images below and let us know what you think. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DC TV news. Titans airs every Friday on DC Universe



Erin Lynch