Imagination is limitless and nothing proves that more than fan creations. Whether it’s art, prop making or even clothing, fans create some of the best work. And nothing shows that more quite like this video from Vat19. An artist named Edo Timmermans created the intimidating gaunlet that we’ve all come to know from Avengers: Infinity War with just magnets. That’s right, magnets. But these are a special kind.

NanoDots are a magnetic orbs designed for building. Whether it’s a small line or, in this example, a replicated gauntlet. Edo took 25,000 of these magnets and created the structure in 6 hours. Sadly, he couldn’t craft the stones out of the dots but used some adorable jewels instead. It’s a unique piece – one that you have to see what he does with it at the end.

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I’m a big fan of more creative work like this. It’s always fascinating to see what fans can do outside the mold. And I mean, who would have ever guessed that someone could be a world-class NanoDots builder? Check out the video below and let us know what you think!



Erin Lynch