Captain America: Civil War has gotten a lot of positive fan attention, as it should.  And, it’s trailer has also been a target for fandom.  Now, we have a shot for shot live action remake of the trailer from the Youtubers at Cinefix!

I’m a sucker for pretending with some cardboard and some duct tape.  This fits the bill.  Cinefix’s Homemade Movies trailer gives us all of the action and pith of the movie, but with toys on sticks, cardboard models, silly costumes, and hilariously bad wigs (but only slightly worse wigs than the original.  I mean, let’s be honest).

And, just to prove how awesome they truly are, they back up their work with a split screen side by side comparison!  So fun.  So, while we wait for the next Avengers incarnation, let’s have some fun watching people have some fun!

Great job, Cinefix!

Watch the homemade trailer and the side by side comparison video right here!




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