Jenny Flack

Are you a ‘Short Circuit’ fan? Having you been longing to route for another underdog like Johnny 5 ? Me too! Well, it looks like we’ve got another robot to give our heart to. Neil Blomkamp’s (Elysium, District 9) new movie ‘Chappie’ gives us a sympathetic robot with a heart of gold, complete with a young scientist fighting to keep him safe.  Entertainment Weekly’s first look at ‘Chappie’ today reported that ‘Chappie’ is ‘a gentle presence with a bulletproof metal skin programmed to paint pictures, write poetry and “have original ideas”’.  Though the feelings of evolved A.I. has become an increasingly popular subject matter for our technologically obsessed culture, EW says that ‘Chappie’ stands out, saying ‘Alternately whimsical and violent, it’s a Johannesburg-set coming-of-age story about a kid from a dysfunctional family struggling to make the right choices—a kid who just happens to be a machine’.  I’m on board. My heart is open, Chappie, come on in.

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