I’m a James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke junkie. I’ll see an episode and think, there’s no way they’ll ever top this episode! They always do. I’m continuously delighted that I am wrong. But today, Today! Celine Dion came into the picture and I’ll never be the same. 

Dion is the latest guest to the show and she did not disappoint. In fact, she was astounding. We all know that Dion is fierce but did you know that she’s fiercely funny? Not only that, I learned today that she is committed when it comes to doing a bit. 

Aside from the amazing singing, there are moments where she is so seriously focused on a comedy bit. It is belly-laugh inducing. In the beginning, she jumps in the car with her signature fashion flare and proceeds to sing a popular song in answer to each of Corden’s questions. 

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Watch below for 14 minutes of blissful, belly-laughing fun. The ‘titanic’ feat they pull off in the end is the huge cherry on a very gigantic cake! AND, check out the bonus clip, too. It’s perfect.