Do you ever wonder what your favorite celebrities do in their spare time? With all that money and fame, what do the elites of society do for fun or to kill the boredom in their lives?

This post looks at the hobbies of celebrities. Before we start, it might surprise you to learn that they’re regular people, just like you. Some of the hobbies of the rich and famous are what you do in your spare time too!

Let’s unpack the hobbies of these influencers.

Azealia Banks – Witchcraft

Azealia Banks is one of the most well-known pop stars in modern culture. The singer/actress is responsible for producing hit tracks like “212,” “Luxury,” and “Licorice.” When she’s not in the studio, the American rapper is filming on the sets of movies like “Love beats and rhymes.”

If you watch her music videos, you’ll notice a consistent dark theme to her content. That’s on purpose. The rapper has a three-year love affair with “Brujeria,” – a Spanish term for witchcraft. The rapper conducts sacrifices and séances, with a recent video showing her cleaning up blood and chicken feathers after a sacrificial service.

Paris Hilton – Frogs

The heiress to the Hilton fortune is always in the media. The blonde stunner rose to infamy over a decade ago after releasing her “porn” video showing her and boyfriend Ray Jay having sex in the dark.

The socialite also has a peculiar interest in frogs. The heiress loves spending time chasing the amphibians around her ranch. Paris claims she uses humane methods to catch the frogs, and she always releases them back into the wild.

Johnny Depp – Barbie Dolls

As one of Hollywood’s top movie stars, Johnny Dep is best-known for his roles as Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands. According to reports, the actor is a recluse, and he avoids contact with the paparazzi as much as possible.

While Depp is an elusive character, his hobbies are somewhat disturbing. Apparently, the actor has a fetish for collecting Barbie dolls. While it’s not what you would expect from one of Hollywood’s leading action stars, Depp has a collection of some rare Barbies. His horde includes the High School Musical range, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, Marilyn Monroe, and many more special editions.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck – Gambling

Best known for their roles in “Good Will Hunting,” where the pair acted alongside one another, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are best friends. The two might have full schedules with their acting careers and social responsibility functions, but they still find time to hit the tables for a hand of poker.

Whether they’re gambling at Las Vegas or no verification casinos, the two have a lucky streak. There’s a story where Affleck allegedly gave a waitress a $100,000 tip after winning $750,000 at the tables.

Mike Tyson – Cannabis and Pigeons

Mike Tyson is the baddest man alive. The boxer’s recent bout with Roy Jones Jr. shows that “Iron Mike” still has what it takes to get in the ring and dish out some punishment. However, when he’s not feeding his ego in the gym, he’s spending time with his pigeons.

Tyson has a love affair with his birds, and he spends hours with them every day. Mike recently came clean about his use of cannabis, with plans to start a business in the industry. Tyson reportedly enjoys getting high and spending time with his birds when he’s not dealing with his hectic schedule.

Taylor Swift – Snow Globes

Taylor Swift is one of the hottest pop stars in the music scene. Famous for hit songs like “Look what you made me do” and “You need to calm down,” Taylor also acts in movies. “Cats” and “The Lorax” are some of the top titles Taylor acted in over the years.

When she’s not in the studio or on set, Taylor enjoys building snow globes, especially during the festive season. Last year she presented her family with a snow globe, as she started marketing them online with her trademark “Swiftmas.”

Mila Kunis – World of Warcraft

Mila Kunis is best known for her role on “That 70s Show” and as the voice of Meg on “Family Guy.” The actress spends most of her free time with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. More interesting is what the actress does in her spare time.

Mila is an avid gamer, and she loves spending hours playing “World of Warcraft.” She states her attempts to get her family and friends involved in the game have been in vain.



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