Fans of the first Destiny are familiar with the winter holiday celebration known as The Dawning. It is a time when Guardians come together for good times and fun games. This year Bungie announced that The Dawning will make it’s way to Destiny 2  as a way to usher in the new year. The event will run from Tuesday, December 19th to Tuesday, January 9th.

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Strikes and Crucible Mayhem

Both the Tower and Farm will be decorated in a holiday theme complete with snow, colorful decorations, and spectacular looking snowflakes. In addition to the decorations, Guardians can take part in friendly snowball fights with other Guardians by finding piles of snowballs around these locations.

In Strikes, players can use snowballs to stun enemies and do major damage. Mayhem will also return to the Crucible, allowing your abilities to recharge faster and the point values will be greater.

Dawning Engrams

During The Dawning event, if players complete a milestone, they will receive a Dawning engram. Players can also give awards to other players using new consumables, and if there is an item that you absolutely want, you can go to the Eververse store to buy the item (for a bit of bright dust). Tess will also refresh her items every week and will have Dawning-themed exotics and sweet legendary armor pieces available.

Gift Giving

You can also acquire a Dawning Gift Schematic from the Bazaar. With this schematic you can craft items that you can give to vendors as a gift. In return for your generosity, the vendor will give you something in return. It’s not a bad deal.

In all it looks like The Dawning event will be a great one this year. New items, holiday-themed Strikes and Crucible matches, the excitement of giving and receiving gifts; I’m into it. This will be my first Destiny event, so I am looking forward to having a festive time with my fellow Guardians. For more information, check out the Bungie event page

[Screenshots courtesy of Bungie]

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