June 30th was Asteroid Day around the world.  But we at Geek Girl Authority say why stop at a day?!?  Snuggle up with some popcorn and celebrate Asteroid Day all weekend long!  We’ve got 5 movies to help you celebrate your love of celestial threats to your existence! 

In no particular order… 


This is the first movie I think of when I think ‘asteroid movie’.  It came out the same summer as Armageddon, and the two movies were eerily similar in content.  But what Armageddon lacked in tone, nuance and character development, Deep Impact had in spades; even if Armageddon made all the money.  Isn’t that always the way?  Honestly, I’d watch either one because I like that kind of thing.  But, overall Deep Impact is the better movie.  It’s got a killer cast too: Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman, Tea Leoni, Elijah Wood to name a few. 

TANK GIRL (1995)

Tank Girl focuses on a post apocalyptic, post impact event Australia.  Based on the comics, the girl is not only a survivor, she kicks corporate butt.  Fun and campy, it’s an awesome 90’s girl-power post apocalyptic romp.  Who doesn’t want that?


Basically, a post apocalyptic rom-com (which is a genre much under-explored to my chagrin) Steve Carell and Keira Knightly find companionship in a world gone crazy as it ends.  It’s really funny and cute and weird and kind of unpredictable.  I like it very much.  It’s just enough of the apocalypse to keep you from getting too gushy, and that’s my jam. It’s… also kind of gushy… but c’mon, wouldn’t you be?  


Hear me out.  It’s fun.  That’s all.  It’s fun and silly and light.  The voice work is good, the concept is cute and that giant bug thing is amazing.  Girl gets hit with a meteor, grows to an enormous size and gets imprisoned by her government with other monsters until the Earth is attacked by aliens.  And, the only ones that can fight them are… monsters.  I mean, it’s fun you guys!  Just watch it.  

METEOR (1979)

Last, but not at all least.  Great 70’s high drama, sci-fi disaster movie.  Sean Connery is a scientist who has developed a secret orbiting nuclear missile that was supposed to defend against meteors, but is aimed at Russia, until a meteor threatens and we need Russia’s help.  There’s drama, government lies, soviet manipulation, a space race, death, destruction, so many nuclear missiles and Natalie Wood.  It’s awesome. 


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