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I always have a hankering for a space adventure.  So, I was pretty excited to hear that, not only is Andy Weir writing a drama centered at NASA, but CBS ordered the pilot!  According to collectSPACE.com, CBS made the order for Mission Control on Tuesday.

Weir is the author of the popular novel The Martian.  That book’s film adaptation, starring Matt Damon won a bunch of awards last year, and was one of my personal favorite movies of the year.

Weir announced the news and his excitement about it on Facebook this week, saying “The main characters are flight controllers at the Mission Control Center in Houston and the astronauts aboard the space station that they take care of.”

Yes, please.  I LOVE all mission control drama.  Can it get any better than a group of humans on the ground trying to keep a group of humans in space alive?  No.  No, it can’t.

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