Star Trek fans have some new goodies to hang on to in anticipation of the Star Trek: Discovery premiere.   CBS All Access has released a ST:D video teaser for U.S. fans.  It’s called A Long Way From Home and it will hit you right in your heart and gut parts. 

This is an action-packed teaser that really gets your blood pumping.  Sonequa Martin-Green‘s voice is the first we hear.  Her face is the first we see.  She says, ‘We strive toward this dream of peace, where all species can share common ground.’  Then we see some detail shots of what pretty clearly looks like Klingon gear and armor, two ships clashing in space… then she says ‘Yet, no dream can protect us from you.’  And, you get a good look at the enemy.  T’Kuvma in his full glory.  


This series is about war, and what happens within it.  The mission, and the dream of Starfleet lives, but it is being tested; and that is a story we are excited for.  Star Trek: Discovery is set for a 15 episode first season starting September 24th.  

Captain Lorca: ‘You know what we need do…’

Commander Burnham: ‘We need to win.’

Captain Lorca: ‘That’s the spirit’


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