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We've got a new teaser for Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard! A fan favorite will be returning. Click the link below to find out who that is!

#StarTrekPicard #StarTrek #Picard

Krystal Sutherland's House of Hollow is a dark and twisty new take on fairytale tropes. Read on for our review!

#FeartheWalkingDead returns as John Dorie works through is darkness with help from an old friend. Find out more in our recap of the mid-season return. #FearTWD #FearFamily #TWDUniverse #TWDFamily


Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1 blessed us with a gritty trailer this past week! Click the link below to watch The Caped Crusader investigate some gruesome murders!

#Batman #BatmantheLongHalloween

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