The people of Castle Rock have gone mad! In “Clean,” Annie (Lizzy Caplan) does everything she can to save Joy (Elsie Fisher).   Pop (Tim Robbins) was taken by Augustin (Paul Sparks), so he can provide details about the Angel (Bill Skarsgård). Augustin also has Joy. She is going to be Amity’s vessel and Augustin’s partner. 

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Annie, Nadia (Yusra Warsam), Abdi (Barkhad Abdi) and Chance (Abbi Corrigan) got away from Augustin and his faithful only to return.  Annie will not leave without Joy and asks the others to help her save the girl. They know she’s in the Marsten mansion.  Annie shows them another way in. She tells them about killing Ace and burying his body at the construction site. They go there and she shows them the tunnel underneath.  Abdi has explosives on site and the plan is to blow up the tunnels and blow up the house. They will give Annie and Chance time to find Joy first.

Joy is being prepared for a wedding. They dyed her hair black.  Augustin takes a look at her in her wedding gown. They almost have everything they need.  The sun is going down and Amity will return through Joy soon. 


Pop wakes up a new person.  He tells Augustin about Warden Lacy’s (Terry O’Quinn) letters. The schisma is the sound the Angel makes.  The warden also mentioned Castle Lake. It’s where the Angel travels to other dimensions in time.  

Annie and Chance make their way through the woods and join the townsfolk as they stare at the statue of the Angel. Chance pretends that she is under its spell as well and slowly makes her way to the house.  Annie stays in the woods, knowing that Augustin’s people will recognize her.  

At the same time, Nadia and Abdi are in the tunnels, setting the explosives.  They explore the tunnels a little bit and find moths swarming the place. The moths gather in one spot. Abdi thinks that’s where Augustin and his people are gathering.  They set more explosives in that spot.  


Chance makes her way through the Castle Rock citizens.  She almost makes it to the house, but her friend Vera (Tenea Intriago) sees her and lets everyone know that Chance doesn’t belong.  Annie freaks out when she sees them take Chance inside the house. She calls to Abdi and Nadia saying they got Chance.  She tells them not to blow up the place because Joy is still in there. Crysilda (Robin Weigert) answers, saying Annie has to save her. A good mother would never let this happen.

Annie appears at the front door.   Augustin is questioning Chance when his men bring Annie in. She tells Augustin that Nadia and Abdi are in the tunnels setting the explosives.  She tells him to get Joy out of there. Augustin sends his men to the tunnels and Pop volunteers to go with them. 

Nadia is calling Annie on the radio when Augustin’s men find them.  They want to know where the explosives are, but Abdi says not to tell.  Pop shoots Augustin’s men, saving Abdi and Nadia. He injected himself with the Haldol before facing Augustin.  He tells them to blow the place up and takes a bomb with him. They are to give him time to get to the house so they can destroy that too. Pop says they don’t have a lot of time. He is coming.


The wedding is about to start.  Augustin and Joy are standing underneath the statue of the Angel.  The real Angel appears at the cliff on Castle Lake. Abdi and Nadia get in place.  Pop finds Chance tied up and releases her. Abdi blows up the coffins in the tunnels.  Then he blows up the moth pit under the statue. When the statue falls, the people of Castle Rock wake up.  Moths start swarming around. Augustin can see that the coffins is destroyed. Joy finds a knife and stabs Augustin. 

Pop handcuffs himself to the refrigerator and tells Nadia to blow the place up.  Nadia hesitates, but Pop says the Frenchmen inside him is taking over. She has to blow up the house.  Annie finds Joy and rushes her away from the house.  

Augustin is alive.  Joy only stabbed him on the side.  His men find Pop and Nadia blows up the house.  Augustin watches it fall with his people inside.   The Angel sees it too. He turns to walk away and disappears. 


Annie and Joy are back on the road.  Joy is very quiet. Annie tries to talk to her, but Joy isn’t very responsive. At one of the hotels they stay at, Annie finds a book called Misery’s Quest by Paul Sheldon.  She starts reading to Joy, despite the girl’s annoyance.  

The duo heads to Canada where Annie finds work taking care of an old man.  As part of her payment, she and Joy are allowed to live in the man’s house on a lake.  Annie continues to reach out to Joy. She says they found the Laughing Place. Joy doesn’t believe her though.  

Annie grows even more suspicious of Joy when she finds her watching a French television show, with no subtitles. She also catches Joy on the phone with someone and agrees to meet them the next day.  Joy denies being on the phone.


Annie starts hearing her mother’s voice again, saying the filth will never come out. She has to make Joy clean.  Annie tries to talk to Joy about what happened in Castle Rock, but Joy says she doesn’t remember. Joy gets really annoyed with Annie, making Annie extremely suspicious.  Annie goes through Joy’s sketchbook. She finds a bunch of pictures of eyes and a man wearing a cloak. And that’s all the proof she needs.

Annie prepares ice cream for her and Joy, but she puts crushed up pills in one of the bowls.  Joy can tell that the ice cream is drugged. She thinks Joy is possessed by a new soul. She says this is not the sweet girl she raised.  They start to fight and Annie forces the ice cream into Joy’s mouth. Joy stabs her with a pencil so she can get away. Joy runs to the dock and tries to untie a boat. Annie catches up and pushes Joy into the water.  Joy tries to get away, but Annie jumps on her back and drowns the girl.  

Annie goes back to the house and finds Joy’s sketchbook.  Inside there is an envelope addressed to her. Joy wrote Annie a letter saying she couldn’t stay with her.  Joy planned on leaving, saying she doesn’t know who she is anymore. She doesn’t remember what happened in Maine. She talked to a lawyer about emancipation. It’s something she’s been thinking about for a while, before everything happened.  Joy says she loves Annie and maybe one day she’ll come back. When she’s ready. 


Annie runs back to the water and pulls Joy’s body out. She administers CPR, frantically trying to make Joy breath again.  Joy spits out the water in her lungs. Annie tells Joy that she fell in the water and almost drowned. Annie saved her.  

Joy and Annie go back on the road.  Joy’s hair is back to its natural color and she’s drawing normal pictures of the Laughing Place.  They get some ice cream and stroll through a small town. Annie takes Joy to a bookstore. Paul Sheldon is reading from his next book.  They sit on the front row and wait. Annie sees Crysilda and Carl Wilkes (John Hoogenakker). Joy asks if she could draw the covers for Paul Sheldon one day. Annie says she the best artist in the whole world. 

A man asks if the seat next to Annie is taken. She says of course it is and the man goes away. Paul Sheldon steps up to the podium. Joy says they have to get him to dedicate a book to Annie. Annie says of course he will. She’s his number one fan.  When the camera pans out, we see Annie is alone.  

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The demise of Augustin’s mission to resurrect his people and take over the world was an interesting way to bring Skarsgard back into the story.  I have to assume from now on, that everything that happens will have something to do with the Schisma.  Although I doubt that we will ever hear how or why The Kid/Angel can move about like that.

I think Lizzy Caplan did a fantastic job in this series.  I didn’t know whether to cheer for her or fear her.  Either way, I really hope we get to catch up with Annie Wilkes again soon.  She’s one of the most interesting characters to watch.  You never know what she’s going to do next. 


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