Things in Castle Rock starting changing the moment the Kid (Bill Skarsgård) was released. Now he’s set up in the Deaver’s garage.  Poor Ruth (Sissy Spacek) got really confused in the last episode and jumped off a bridge. Luckily Henry (André Holland)  was there to safe her. Now he and Alan  (Scott Glenn) have to consider long term care for Ruth.  Henry also asked his son Wendell (Chosen Jacobs) to visit his grandmother while she can still remember who he is.  There’s so much to explain! 

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Henry wasn’t happy to find out that his father’s grave had been moved to a random lot in the woods. He had the body exhumed and return to Castle Rock. During the service, the ringing in his ears starts to bother him again.  He looks around because he’s the only one at the service. Henry sees a couple of men that he recognized from Alan’s bridge ceremony. As soon as he sees them, they leave.

The Kid went through the boxes in the garage. He finds a suit to wear and a video camera.  The video is of young Henry (Caleel Harris) walking through the woods. Alan visits to let the Kid know that he found “her,” but it was sold to a yard in Syracuse.  The Kid instructs Alan to go to Syracuse. Alan has to pick up Ruth first, but he wants to know how this thing will help Ruth. The Kid only says that time is Ruth’s enemy now. After Alan leaves, the Kid goes into the Deaver home. He puts on a record and looks around, eventually ending up in Ruth’s room to lay down.

The doctor releases Ruth to Alan. He takes her home and tells her that neither of them are going anywhere.  They are going to focus on making her better. Ruth says she just needs a system. She goes to her room and takes out the chess set that Alan gave to her.  She looks at the pieces and puts one in her pocket.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock — “Filter” – Episode 106 – HenryÕs son visits from Boston; a funeral stirs up unsettling memories. Shown: Chosen Jacobs (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)

Wendell arrives in Castle Rock from Boston. Henry is happy to see him. Wendell seems happy as well, but there is some tension. Once they get to the house, Wendell sets up in Henry’s old room.  Afterward, he takes Wendell to see his grandmother.

Molly (Melanie Lynskey) is on the phone with a potential buyer when she sees Matthew’s ghost again.  She reaches for her pills, but stops just before taking one.

Henry makes lunch for the family and Ruth tries to help him. She gets distracted. The Kid is outside, staring back at her.  She sees the suit he is wearing and mentions that they buried Matthew in that suit. Henry explains to her who the Kid is and that he’s staying in the garage.   The Kid goes back to the garage. He starts watching the video again.  Henry comes in and finds him. He’s never seen that tape before. Henry turns it off and tells the Kid that he has some good news.  At the house, Ruth sees them get in the car and drive away.

Henry takes the Kid to the Juniper Hill Psychiatric Hospital. A nurse meets them at the entrance. Henry explains that the hospital staff will help the Kid figure out who he is. The Kid watches a group of birds start acting funny. One of the birds flies directly to the ground, killing itself. The nurse mentions that it’s the second time that’s happened that week.

Henry returns home to check on Ruth and Wendell.  Wendell asks about Henry’s real parents, but Henry states that Ruth and Matthew are his real parents.  He goes to check on Ruth and asks her what he and his dad did in the woods. Ruth says they went camping, hunting and fishing. Henry asks if his dad ever mentioned hearing something in the woods. Ruth gets confused and tells him to go ask his father.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock — “Filter” – Episode 106 – HenryÕs son visits from Boston; a funeral stirs up unsettling memories. Shown: Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)

The next day, Henry looks at the woods and remembers walking with his dad. Matthew keeps asking if Henry hears “it.”  Henry snaps out of his memories to the sounds of a hammer. He finds Jane (Jane Levy) setting up a “For Rent” sign and asks for Molly. Jane sends him to the back of the house.  Henry asks Molly if she ever saw him go into the woods with his father. He’s trying to understand why his dad took him out there. Molly says she saw them leave a couple of times.  He asks if she hears something, which she doesn’t, but she knows that Henry does. Henry thinks his dad was losing his mind.

Molly says Henry hated his father.  She tries to explain that she was with him in the woods, not physically though.  She saw it in her mind and felt what he was feeling…fear, then relief. Henry starts getting aggravated, asking if she she thinks he wanted his father dead.  That’s exactly what Molly thinks.  Molly tells Henry that she is the one who killed Matthew. She says when she pulled the breathing tube out, she looked down at her hand and saw Henry’s hand.  He pulled the tube out through her. It was like they did it together. Henry says she is crazy and leaves.

Henry checks on Ruth and Wendell again.  He tells them that he has a work thing and leaves again.  Wendell asks Ruth about the chess set because some of the pieces are missing.  Ruth tells him about her dementia. She says life used to move in one direction, like one of the people movers at the airport. But she got off of it.  One minutes she’s bringing Henry home from foster care. Now Wendell is her, but for all she knows, her father is outside taking care of his roses. She never knows when she’s going next. Her doctor told her to find a coping mechanism. She puts a chess piece in every room.  When she gets lost in the past, all she has to do is find the chess piece and it pulls her back.

Henry takes the video camera to the woods to find out where his father was leading him to.  He follows the same path that’s on the tape. Along the way, he hears strange noises, but keeps going.  The camera battery dies, but Henry keeps going.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock — “Filter” – Episode 106 – HenryÕs son visits from Boston; a funeral stirs up unsettling memories. Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn) shown. (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)

Alan arrives in Syracuse and breaks into a junkyard. He’s looking for a car, but can’t find the one he wants so he leaves. When he gets into the truck, a rig pulls up with more cars in tow.  There is a news report on the radio about a fire breaking out at a mental hospital. Four patients have escaped.  Alan checks the cars on the rig and finds Dale Lacy’s (Terry O’Quinn) car. The rig driver catches him, so Alan says his friend died in that car so he needs it back. He even offers to buy it. The rig driver says he can’t have it, so Alan pulls a gun on him, saying he’s taking the car.

Ruth goes to the kitchen to take her pills. She spills the bottle on the floor. As she picks up the pills, the Kid enters the house, takes off his shoes, hangs up his jacket, and looks at Ruth sitting on the floor. She is staring back at him with a look of fear.

The sun goes down. Henry is still walking in the woods trying to find a cell phone signal.  He comes across two men in a clearing. Their names are Odin (Charles Jones) and Willie (Rory Culkin). Odin is deaf and Willie is his interpreter.  Henry recognizes them from the cemetery. Odin knew Matthew Deaver. He says he’s surprised that Henry didn’t bury Matthew in the woods. The woods was his real church.

So why are they in the woods?  Odin gives two reasons: 1) to listen and 2) to correct Willie.  Henry asks what they are listening to. Odin says Matthew called it ‘the voice of God.’ Odin explains that some people hear once in their lifetime while others hear it all the time.  Some places are quiet, but the voice is deafening in other places.   Odin calls it the schisma, the sound of the universe trying to reconcile all possible pasts and presents. 

Castle Rock

Castle Rock — “Filter” – Episode 106 – HenryÕs son visits from Boston; a funeral stirs up unsettling memories. Shown: Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)

Odin says to most the schisma sounds like a ringing in the ears. He asks Henry if he has ringing in his ears. It comes and goes, but the schmisa is eternal underlying all space and time. And it’s getting louder.  Those who can hear it are sometimes distracted by the world noise. So they have to clarify it to hear it. Matthew was working on a filter to do that. He didn’t live long enough to build the filter, but Odin did.

Odin built the filter in the back of his camper. It’s a padded room designed to block out all noise but the schisma. Henry thought Odin said he already hears the schisma.  Odin says what Henry hears is like a rumor. What’s inside the filter is the truth. Odin tells Henry to try out the filter, but Henry refuses. Odin accepts his decision, but he knows Henry is suffering.  He asks about Henry’s son. How can his son truly know him if Henry doesn’t know himself? Odin says most men never see the light because the light isn’t something you see.

Henry steps into the filter to examine it.  Odin explains that he can only hear the schisma now.  He corrected himself the same way he will correct Willie; by sticking a hot metal rod into his ears.  Henry asks if he made himself deaf on purpose. Odin says he’s not deaf, he’s perfect. Odin shuts Henry inside of the filter and locks the door.  Inside the filter, Henry hears the ringing.  It gets so loud that it hurts. He also hears Matthew asking if he can hear ‘it.’  His mind races with images, nothing that he can make sense of. The images and the noise cause Henry to start screaming.

Alan returns to Ruth’s and finds the Kid sitting outside.  He tells the Kid that he found Lacy’s car and wants to know what’s next. The Kid says they will build a monument to Warden Lacy and everyone who helped put him in that cage.  Alan wants to know how that will help Ruth. He looks down and see the Kid’s hand is bleeding. The Kid asks Alan why he left him in the trunk.  Alan runs into the house, calling out for Ruth and Henry.  The record is stuck on the turntable and the fire alarm is going off. He runs into the kitchen and finds a burning skillet. The stove has blood on it. He calls out for Ruth again, but gets no answer.

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Thoughts…More Like Questions

OK. So this schisma sounds like it is what keeps up moving forward in our mind. We have memories, but we don’t get lost and confused in those memories because of the schisma. So did Ruth lose her schisma? 

And the Kid. Is he really responsible for the strange things going on? Since he was found, the prison was shot up by Zalewski, there was a massive fire in Castle County, Ruth jumped off a bridge, the birds are acting funny and committing suicide, and now a fire at the psychiatric hospital.  I had heard that anyone who touches the Kid ends up dead. So far Zalewski is the only one. He fist bumped the Kid before going on a killing spree in the prison.  

I think the Kid is definitely connected to what happened to Henry back in 1991.  I also think the Kid is out for some kind of revenge.  The Kid has a strange affect on everyone who sees him, but what does that mean?  I’m ready for some answers. 


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