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According to TV Line, the casting call for John Grayson and Mary Lloyd has gone out for Episode 16 of Fox’s hit show, Gotham, and are simply described as “teenage circus performers.” Not much to hang your hat on, certainly not more than we already assumed, but still cool to get confirmation that these characters are coming and will hint at where our beloved Boy Wonder comes from.

Meanwhile, we’ll get two more recurring characters introduced in Episode 17 in the form of Dr. Dulmacher, described as another Dollmaker but this time designed as a “mad European scientist.” We have, of course, already seen an incarnation of this villain on CW’s Arrow, but this one will belong to the world of Gotham.

Along with these, we’ll also get a character named Reggie Payne, described as “an old army buddy of Alfred’s who has gone a bit to seed.” 

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