Think back to the original Ant-Man film from 2015 when Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) told his daughter Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) the truth about what happened to her mother, Janet Van Dyne. Hank had told Hope her entire life that her mother died in an accident, but Hope always knew that was a lie. She always assumed that her mother had died in connection with her father’s Pym-tech — and it turns out, she wasn’t wrong. Both her mom and dad were the Silver Age heroes known as the Ant-Man and the Wasp and, in 1987, her mother died to bring down a missile and save the world.

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Of course, we the audience know that she didn’t die — she’s stuck somewhere in the Quantum Realm just waiting to be rescued and reunited with her family. We know this, of course, because Janet Van Dyne is being played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Well, thanks to an extras casting call in Atlanta, we now know we might get to see a bit more of that fateful day in 1987. Posted on the Facebook page for Central Casting Georgia, we see a post that reads, “Looking for men and women of all ages who can portray Argentinian locals for a park scene taking place in 1987.”

Now, admittedly, this could be any number of missions done in 1987, however, in a film that seems to promise the rescue and resurrection of the original Wasp from the Quantum Realm, it seems fitting that we’d see more of that day from 1987 where Wasp went sub-atomic. In fact, for us, we’re hoping to see it all from her perspective.

Of course, this is an example of us reaching for possibilities because it could also just be a flashback to happier times when Janet was still alive and she and Hank were happy. For all we know, we’re just going to get a picnic scene of Hank and Janet feeding each other while young Hope watches them.

But c’mon, it’s totally going to be the day when Janet went missing. Right?

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