If you haven’t seen the first episode of Sherlock Season 4, turn back now.  It’s nothing but spoilers from here on out.

The Six Thatchers was a fantastic episode, setting the stage for the rest of the season.  While there were many undeniable joys, Sherlock making jokes, unfortunately the episode also came with heartbreak.  Of course I’m talking not only about John apparently cheating or seriously considering the act but, rather, the death of Mary.  I told you there would be spoilers, you were warned.  Now, the BBC has released a quick video of the main cast reacting to her death.

There is consensus among the cast, her death was not a surprise but the way she went out was a shock.  According to Amanda Abbington, she always knew her character would be killed off she just didn’t know how.  Now we know the how, the why, the when and it’s desperately sad to lose a character such as Mary.  I always adored her interactions with both Watson and Sherlock.  Her past as a super agent gave her a skill set that earned the admiration of Holmes.  She could go toe to toe with the high functioning sociopath and never bat an eye.  Of course her relationship with Watson was amazing, up until it wasn’t, you got the sense their love was the real deal and there was nothing they couldn’t overcome.  The heartbreak was nothing short of painful to witness.

The next episode of Sherlock, The Lying Detective, airs on PBS (or BBC) on January 8th.

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