Cast members of Mission: Impossible 6: Fallout appeared on The Graham Norton Show this week to promote the long awaited film.  They talked about Tom Cruise‘s stunt injury (with visual aids), Simon Pegg‘s geek cred, and they got some audience members to do some stunts.  All in all, not a bad day at work!

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First thing’s first.  Simon Pegg addressed his appearance on what Norton called the ‘trifecta.’  He’s been on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.  The main point, though, was that some fans might not have known that Pegg was in The Force Awakens.  He played Unbar Plutt, the junk dealer hoarding portions on Jakku.  Check out the clip where Pegg describes what it was like to be in that suit.  

Norton also asked about the length of the production.  They’ve been shooting M:I 6 for around a year, which is very long, even for such a big movie.  The reason?  Tom Cruise broke his ankle doing a stunt.  So, of course, Norton showed footage of the accident.  If you’re squeamish, you may want to look away. 

And, since Cruise was in a delicate situation with a healing foot, Norton enlisted some audience members to do some stunts.  They unveiled a green screen and had a few people run and jump onto a gym mat with an explosion effect behind them.  It just gets better and better.  Check it out!

Mission: Impossible: Fallout is set to be released this summer. 



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