Let’s be clear about: Most elements of the casino world – that’s land-based and online – aren’t yet what we could call bastions of feminism. Some old stereotypes still persist, not least a seemingly idealised perception of what a woman should look like and what she should do in a casino. There is, for example, an actual Playboy casino slot. It’s 2019!

However, casinos are changing, and they are (slowly) moving away from the 1960’s James Bond portrayal of women to a more modern one. That, of course, does not mean those portrayals have to be always realistic – some are downright fantastical. We have picked some of the best games featuring a variety of kick-ass women as the main characters.

Goddess of Wisdom

The Age of the God series of casino games is nothing short of a phenomenon, arguably Playtech’s finest creation. If you want to check the game out, you can get up to 200 free spins for Age of the Gods slots when you join Casino.com and play online. Goddess of Wisdom is the signature outing for Athena – the goddess of (among other things) wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, warfare, mathematics, strength, arts and crafts. Talk about multi-tasking! Athena is featured in other Age of the Gods slots, but this is her only solo vehicle.

The Matrix

With a lot of talk now about Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman (see below) blazing a trail for female superheroes, some of us believe that Trinity from the Matrix doesn’t get enough credit as one of the first truly awesome female action heroes. Of course, the 90s wasn’t exactly the Stone Age, but times have changed dramatically, and Trinity should be celebrated as a pioneer. As for the game, the Matrix is a cool, special-effects laden slot, with some innovative ways to win. Trinity herself appears in a dramatic Déjà vu bonus feature.

Justice League

Debate rages over whether Wonder Woman is truly a feminist icon. As with anything else, it’s a subjective opinion, but it’s perhaps better to concentrate on the positive elements, rather than focus on negative messaging. Regardless, Wonder Woman plays her part in one of the most ambitious slot games online. She joins Superman and co to deliver the Justice League slot. It’s stuffed full of special features, big paying bonuses. It takes a while to unlock Wonder Woman’s unique bonus round in the game. But, when you do, it’s worth it.

Marilyn Monroe

If debating whether the incarnations of  Wonder Woman should be considered an icon of feminism is a hot-button topic, then questioning Marilyn Monroe’s feminist credentials is positively nuclear. People will have their opinions, but everything has to be qualified with the male-dominated world that Monroe was operating in. As for the slot game, it’s a testament to Monroe and the old glamour of Hollywood. The highlight is definitely the Back Stage Bonus, which can lead to a payout of thousands of times your stake.

Queen of the Pyramids

Was Cleopatra the original kick-ass feminist trailblazer? The Liz Taylor movie and other pop culture portrayals have led everyone to believe she was some sort of seductress supermodel. She wasn’t, with some experts describing her as hook-nosed and fleshy (whatever that means). The other myth is that she killed herself after the death of Antony. Nope, she did it rather than be led in chains through Rome. That’s kick-ass enough for us. Cleopatra has been portrayed in lots of casino games, but Queen of the Pyramids is arguably the pick of the bunch.