The Captain Marvel trailer is finally here! Marvel released a full-length official trailer on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning. It gives us Starforce, Skrulls, and a powerful example of what Carol Danvers is capable of.  

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In case you forgot Captain Marvel was set in the 90’s, Danvers (Brie Larson) starts the trailer by careening through Earth’s atmosphere and straight through the roof of a Blockbuster Video. Look it up, kids. Awesome. She’s clearly crashed, and found herself on a planet that she only vaguely recognizes. She’s transformed into the most powerful hero that the Marvel universe, and a digitally youthful Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) have ever seen. And she’s brought a war with her “from above”.   

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We get a lot of tasty tidbits in this trailer, but it’s more of an introduction than a story. There’s not a lot of plot for us. That’s okay. We still get a glimpse of the Kree, Starforce, an image of the Skrulls similar to stills that were released, we saw Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg – GAH!), shots of Danvers’ current and former lives, a surprise punch to the face on the subway, and the Marvel Mask! Yes, the Marvel Mask. She. Looks. Awesome.

Higher. Further. Faster.

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Plus a poster thanks to Brie Larson!


Captain Marvel will blast into theaters in March 8th, 2019. 


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