Avengers: Infinity War comes out May of 2018 and will feature every major character from the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with one huge exception — Captain Marvel, as played by Brie Larson. It’s still unclear how exactly Marvel Studios will use Captain Marvel or how her film, which comes out after Infinity War, will play into Avengers 4. We really don’t know much about either property except that Carol Danvers will be fighting Skrulls in her movie. We can assume all day that Avengers 4 will feature a Skrull invasion or a journey to the Negative Zone or an even bigger fight with Thanos — but no one knows for sure except the people on set and even they aren’t given full scripts most of the time.

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But we do have news from Atlanta, where they are currently filming the fourth Avengers film — Brie Larson has reported to set. That’s right, Captain Marvel is presumably suited up and reporting for duty, according to twitter account Atlanta Filming. Not only that, but she’s apparently with Chris Evans, who plays Captain America. This seems to imply that Cap survives Thanos’s war with Earth, though that’s not necessarily true. After all, we have no idea what’s actually going down in Infinity War. For all we know, Thanos uses the reality stone to turn Cap into a werewolf and now Captain Marvel has to hunt down the hirsute sentinel of liberty.

We can only hope.

Now, Atlanta Filming, let’s get on giving us some photos! 

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