~Matt Key

Captain America: Civil War, for all it’s wonderful moments, character arcs and exciting narrative developments was still not a perfect movie. Sure, it’s close, but there were still plot conveniences and strange story choices that the filmmakers had to deftly dodge or risk quickly bringing the story to an anticlimactic ending.

And leave it to the good, brilliant folks at How It Should Have Ended to exploit every single one of them.

The Civil War video went up today and already has 700,000 views, and for good reason — it’s very funny and very on point. For instance — Vision very much could have brought the story to an abrupt end had he been involved in the brawl with Crossbones at the start of the film. Or, had he blown up the quinjet that Cap and Bucky escape the airport brawl in. And, honestly, Iron Man very easily could have blown up Bucky, Cap or both.

Before we just explain the entire video, we’ll shut our mouths and let you enjoy the video for yourself.

But seriously, the SHIELD Secret Council did shoot a nuclear missile at down town New York City…

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