Every Canadian you meet has one thing in common, and that is the love for gaming. Be it video games, betting, or lotteries, one isn’t a true Canadian if they haven’t done any of it. And, you might be naive to think online games are just a monopoly amongst men because women are equal gaming fanatics in Canada.

One would not believe their eyes unless they assessed the revenue Canada makes from its gaming industry and the number of people they employ. You can, of course, make a rough idea by interacting with gamers like us and studying the industry’s overall market size. Let me give you a few highlights and some of the best games you can try to understand the fantasies around online gaming in Canada.

Canadian Gaming: Employment and Revenue

Canada has a long history of online gaming, with an array of video games budding in recent years. While that might be the case for many nations, can you guess the number of people employed in the industry? Canada currently has 937 online video game companies employing close to 32300 employees. No wonder the industry generates a revenue of approximately 3.4 billion USD, and the records are yet expected to rise in the near future.

Canadian Gaming Demographics

According to Canadian gaming statistics, nearly 61% of the Canadian population engage in online gaming regularly, with an average age of 35 years amongst the gamers. While the percentage of males engaged in online gaming is close to 52%, females are yet to catch up with 48% participation in the current year. Though that looks unfortunate for now, Canada is yet to sow the fantasy of gaming amongst them real soon.

While all these might sound like generic and dull statistics, here’s the fun part. Unlike several nations, Canada has gaming courses too! I was shocked, just like you, when I came across online gaming, game programming courses, and much more. Wondering how wonderful it is to get enrolled in one of them? I thought of that too! No wonder gaming is so popular in the country that the education industry thrives on it too!

Here’s another fun factor. While I just mentioned the rate of participation in online gaming is slightly lower than that of men, women who enjoy gaming might end up spending several hours on it in contrast to that of men. In fact, online gaming became pretty popular amongst women, similar to remote jobs owing to easy accessibility, no transportation, privacy, and much more. Wondering what kind of games they like? Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Beach life

What’s better than running a business on one of the most popular beaches in the world? I am sure most of you have dreamt of that, and beach life lets you try a hand at managing your own business. Assume the role of a hotel manager and run a holiday resort. One of the primary reasons this game fetched a huge fanbase amongst women is its interactive interface, which helps you engage in the decision-making process of the holiday resort. Additionally, the game also offers unique management skills that might be helpful in the long run. Of course, if we women can run the nation and big-shot companies, managing a holiday resort must come at the click of your finger.

Online Casino

Whoever said online casinos are enjoyed solely by men is yet to grasp the actual scenario in Canada. As a proud Albertan, Play Alberta’s online casino has always been my goto site for online gaming. Just another site where women participate with equal enthusiasm.

What is better than trying a hand at playing an online casino and changing the gaming trajectory for women? Trust me, nothing. Wondering where to start? I would recommend online slots, Poker, or Blackjack for novices. You can also try a hand at Roulette and several versions of slots to enjoy using a different interface and gameplay in case you get too bored with one.


If you are one of the crafty minds and are fond of games with immense strategy, Backgammon can be your favorite. The game has a history of being played 5000 years ago and is one of the oldest board games in the world.

With an online version of Backgammon, you are relieved of carrying a board anywhere you go. Instead, you can enjoy one online. All you need to do is decide your moves depending on, and gauging your opponent’s mind. No wonder this involves a lot of strategies to win over your opponent.


Online gaming in general and online casinos are explicitly seen to boom in Canada in recent years involving people from various age groups and demographics. Needless to say, the thriving nature of the industry has helped the country generate outstanding revenue records and strengthen its economy. Additionally, legalizing online casinos in various Canadian provinces has also led to strengthening the economy.