Back in the 2008, on March 28th, a movie was released with the name “21”. It raised a few eyebrows along with a couple of questions about whether the plot of the movie was based on a true story or was entirely based on a fiction novel. It was based on the famous book known by the name, Bringing Down the House, which was written by Ben Mezrich. The story revolves around the MIT Blackjack Team that emerged during the 1990s. In reality, the movie plot and the original story in the book were quite different from each other in many aspects. The movie tells us that there were different MIT teams that went to Las Vegas with the hope of winning some money.

The movie finds its roots in the real-life story of students from MIT that went to Vegas casinos and won millions. Minor and major changes were made to the original script to make the story perfect for a movie template, but one can always question if is it real and is it worth it to beat the house by counting the cards?

Core Concept

The main idea that must be kept in mind is that counting cards are not that difficult of a technique after all. It does not want you to be quick and intelligent at the same time. Still, people don’t know much about the basics and consider the process of counting cards too difficult for them. The added factor is that most of the casino blackjack players play with a lazy attitude and with a lack of interest in learning something new. They think differently and portray that they are here at the casinos for fun while counting cards will spoil their so-called fun. As a matter of unfortunate fact, counting cards does not make you a lot of profit too, and ultimately the players who don’t have the habit of counting the cards do not lose much after all.

Legality & Profits

Ben is the main character of the movie 21, who is a student of MIT and meets an intelligent professor to learn the art of counting cards to play blackjack. As soon as he is done with the learning part, he moves to Vegas casinos to try his luck, and to the astonishment of everyone, he won millions in the prize money there. Moreover, counting crimes is perfectly legal and is not a crime by any means. It is legal; however, it is not allowed at a number of casinos.

Science Behind Counting Cards

There is no need to count and learn about each and every card. All you need to do is to learn a few specific cards while playing real money blackjack. The reality of beating a house by counting cards is true to some extent but the profits gained are much lesser in percentage, and some players might not even consider it worth playing for real money; instead, they prefer to play just for fun. All the above-written information was gathered with the help of Exycasinos that is full of all the significant details about online casinos.















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