Games like poker, slots, and roulette have historically been condemned and viewed as gambling games. Even though this is true for the most part, they still have two components – the “gambling” component and the “game” component. These two are not the same and they are certainly not mutually inclusive.

Simply put, they are very different concepts and this has been proven many times in recent history as we’ve really developed a large gaming industry. However, for people who want to enjoy these old games without the gambling aspect, it’s still not possible to do so, or is it?

This is where social gaming comes into play.

Introducing Social Gaming Apps

There are a lot of games that people can play online that are similar to gambling but don’t fit into that category. In fact, it’s been legally determined that these games aren’t actually gambling and anyone can play them. They might have similar mechanics like dice or cards and include prizes, but if this prize isn’t worth any money then we are not talking about gambling.

The key to these games is the social element as players interact with each other. They can invite each other to play on social media, communicate, play co-op, and so on. These games are completely free to play and players aren’t forced to pay with their money.

Keeping the excitement running high

Even though these games aren’t played for monetary rewards, they still retain all the mechanisms and game design elements that excite players who enjoy this kind of thing. This means that players now have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games without having to spend money.

At the same time, the added online social element provides an even greater gaming experience as players can share their achievements with their friends and play their favorite games together.

Poker modified

Today, players can join a live poker tournament online without even second-guessing their decision because they can rest assured that what they are doing is completely legal. Unlike in the physical world where they might be judged for getting into real gambling games, there is no risk here.

Social gaming apps are completely legal and verified by the social platform itself. This means that players can sit at home, relax, and enjoy a game of poker if they want to. Poker players now get achievements for reaching milestones, they level up, get shields, badges, and points showcasing their success.  

Slot games modified

All of these games have evolved a lot as they provide a much better gaming experience including bonus levels, hidden objectives, new bonuses, and of course, the social element. They have gone much further than their predecessors and more and more people are turning to these games rather than traditional slots.

The best thing about them is that they are completely free. These games attract millions of players per month and incorporate smaller games within them which makes them interactive and engaging. If you want to check out social slots and learn more about them, check out Slot Spinners for online slot reviews.

What does the future hold?

Social slots have taken the world by storm and they are continuing to grow. Not only do they have no legal boundaries, but they also introduce a completely new aspect of these kinds of games. They have beaten traditional casinos and the gambling industry and completely redefined the term “Gambling”.

They have better visuals, animations, sounds, gameplay mechanics, and features that traditional slots can only dream of. They were able to take these types of games to a new level and perfect those aspects that players love while being completely free.

How to get started with social gaming apps?

This is one of the best attributes of social gaming apps. They are really easy to use and don’t require any kind of signup. Most of these games are supported on all major social media networks and the only thing you need to do is log in through your social media profile.

You can instantly play, share your achievements with a friend, invite others to play, receive bonuses, and so on. They come with instructions and if you don’t understand anything about a game, you can easily get informed.

It seems that the word “gambling” has taken a completely different meaning and social games have had a major role to play in this change. As this industry continues to grow, we can only expect even better and more exciting social gaming apps in the future.

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