When Resident Evil Resistance (formerly titled Project Resistance) was first announced by Capcom, the reaction from the community was mixed. The asymmetrical multiplayer horror survival game pitted a Mastermind against four survivors within one of Umbrella Corps’ abandoned warehouses.

The Mastermind has the ability to set traps and release enemies to slow down survivor player progression. The survivors each have their own skills needed to safely escape the warehouse. I was able to test the game during NYCC 2019 and while it was interesting, it lacked in gameplay variety.

Back in December during State of Play, Capcom announced the upcoming release for Resident Evil 3 Remake. They also announced that Resident Evil Resistance was going to release as a second mode for the game. My first thoughts? Capcom was moving their focus away from their multiplayer game to other projects.

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That doesn’t seem to be true though. Capcom announced today that Resident Evil Resistance will have two additional Masterminds and maps. The addition of Alex Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer bring the playable Mastermind count to four. Each will bring their own special abilities to help add variety to the game. Hopefully, we will see additional survivors and Masterminds also added after release.

Fans of Resident Evil 2 Revelations will recognize Alex Wesker. She uses a more indirect means to torture the survivors, putting them through psychological horrors and experiments. The playstyle for Wesker focuses on setting traps and slowing down survivor player progression. When the player is ready to get serious, Wesker can deploy Yateveo. This vicious carnivorous plant may be stationary, but in the perfect place it can stop survivor players in their tracks.

Ozwell E. Spencer is a behind-the-scenes antagonist of the Resident Evil franchise. His playstyle features a more hands-on approach from his previous position as the co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation. He enjoys the use of Umbrella Corps’ newest cutting edge technology to torment the survivors. Unlike the other Masterminds who deploy controllable bioweapons, Spencer can generate a Disintegration Field. Anytime a survivor passes through, they will take a considerable amount of damage.

Capcom went on to share art assets for two new maps that will be implemented in-game alongside the original. The first map is a casino full of operating slot machines and coins spewed about. It’s a testament to how fast citizens of Raccoon City fled after the collapse. The second map is set in an abandoned amusement park. The horror themed park lies on the outskirts of Raccoon City, but was still abandoned after the collapse.

Resident Evil Resistance will release alongside Resident Evil 3 on April 3, 2020 for PC through Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Portrait of Mastermind Alex Wesker from Resident Evil Resistance.

Portrait of Mastermind Ozwell Spencer from Resident Evil Resistance.

Abandoned park map in Resident Evil Resistance.

Becca searching the abandned amusement park in Resident Evil Resistance.

Casino map for Resident Evil Resistance.

Casino map for Resident Evil Resistance.

Martin getting ready to disable a bioweapon on the casino map in Resident Evil Resistance.

Alex Wesker's bioweapon Yateveo, a man eating plant.



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