Welcome to your first day as a camp counselor at Camp Canyonwood, the finest (and not at all underfunded) summer camp you’ve never heard of! Weird things are happening between the campfire songs and craft tent specials, so it’s your job to solve the mysteries. 

The Basics

Camp Canyonwood is a camp life simulator set in the world’s most unfortunate summer camp for birds. After applying for a job at the camp, you’ll be led to a customization screen. You will create your unique camp counselor by choosing your body type, coloring and beak shape. There is an inclusive pronoun option for your bird, including they/them pronouns. 

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As the only camp counselor, you are now the wildly unqualified head counselor, as a string of mysterious disappearances has left Camp Canyonwood critically understaffed. It will be your job to manage and rebuild the camp to restore it to its former glory. Each summer brings new campers and chances to fail or succeed. 

Each camper is uniquely designed with their interests and personality. You will have to manage their health and happiness to earn money for improvements around the campgrounds. Remember, the parents of unhappy (or missing) campers won’t pay tuition for the summer. 

A photo of a bird in a camping uniform with game playing options around him in Camp Canyonwood.

Speaking of money, you’ll be needing a lot of it to get the camp back up to snuff. You’ll need funds to decorate your campsite, entertain your campers and keep their happiness meter up. Besides decorating, you’ll have your wings full running the camp activities. Right now, you can fish, try archery, stargaze, catch bugs, collect rocks and flowers, chop wood, hike and explore.

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Why Should I Play?

So, why should you play Camp Canyonwood? Firstly, the developers behind this game, Graffiti Games, were behind Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. This game has many of the same elements with the eclectic NPCs and humor, mixed with the setting, decorating and camping features of Cozy Grove. All the aspects layer seamlessly. This mix of decorating and collecting over the creepy camp vibe was a big hit for me. 

Because the game is still in early access, I found a few things I wasn’t in love with, like the sound design. It feels too quiet to be set at a camp, and I wish there were more ambient noise mixed in. Some areas feel too empty or maybe not quite finished, but all of the game mechanics work well, which is the most crucial part. 

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Camp Canyonwood launched into the Early Access phase on August 4, with the full release expected later this year. Bring your guitar and a can-do spirit, and join us around the campfire on Steam here!


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