Katana swords symbolize courage. They give you confidence. Purchasing them makes you look like a warrior. However, don’t let the excitement lead you into making mistakes when purchasing your swords. Here are the top mistakes first-time katana sword buyers make.

Functional Versus Decorative Swords

There are two types of swords. They include:

  • Functional Japanese swords
  • Decorative swords

As a sword buyer, you should differentiate between the two types of swords. Most decorative swords are cheap. They are mass-produced. Often, they are made from cheap materials and poor craftsmen. On the other hand, functional swords are genuine Japanese swords that are crafted with high-quality materials. They have passed through the hands of the best draftsmen. Thus, purchase genuine, functional Samurai Swords for sale today and have a taste of the rich Japanese culture.

Steel and Style

Don’t choose a sword because it is cheaper. Remember, there are different swords on the market. Cheaper swords are usually made of poor-quality materials. Thus, it’s important to look at the steel. The type of steel affects the overall performance as well as the quality of the sword.

Genuine Japanese swords come with longer, shorter, or double-edged blades. Thus, you should know how you are going to use your sword. Choose the right blade.


Katana swords require proper maintenance. For beginners, katana maintenance can be challenging. Most functional swords are designed using carbon steels that can rust. It’s important to protect the blades from moisture and water. Store it in a dry place. Clean it well. Ensure that you have the right cleaning kit.

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The blade has two sides: the front and the end part. The front part is very sharp. Its main work is to cut. On the other hand, the end part isn’t sharp. Its main work is to block. Thus, when purchasing a katana sword, don’t base your decision on sharpness. Plus, you can always sharpen it to your liking.

Also, consider the cutting style. Ideally, there are three styles you should consider. They include:

  • Heavy cut—the blades aren’t so sharp. They are used to cut hard things like iron, big bone, etc.
  • Balanced—This blade feels sharper than the heavy cut style. Mainly, it is used to cut bamboo, mat, etc.
  • Razor-sharp—The razor-sharp is the third type of cutting style. It’s very sharp and can cut soft materials. You should exercise care when holding the edges.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Steel

There are different types of steel. Each steel comes with its explicit strength. The type of steel determines the strength of your blades. Preferably, choose blades made from high carbon steel. They are durable and sturdy. They can be used in extreme settings.


Don’t embrace a short-term approach when buying a samurai sword. Don’t settle for a sword because it’s cheaper. Remember, a sword is a long-term investment. Choose quality over price.

Where To Get One

If you have the money to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun, then why not? In most parts of the world, samurai swords are legal and don’t require a license or permit to own unlike in Japan itself.

Here is a list of some recommended shops. Do take note that some shops need an appointment.

  • The Samurai Store
  • Shobudo Sangyo
  • Ginza Seiyudo
  • AoiJapan
  • Japan Sword

On the other hand, if you don’t have the means to go a thousand miles away for a sword, then you can purchase it online. Do take note that there are a lot counterfeits and cheap replicas. Take your time to do research and read reviews.

The Bottom-Line

Finally, you have decided to purchase your first Japanese sword. You have said it’s a katana sword you want. Well, that’s a big decision. This is a lifetime investment. You should get the right sword. Don’t make the above mistakes when purchasing a katana sword.

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