Bleach fans have known about recent one-shot manga Burn The Witch for some time now. An anime adaptation of Tite Kubo‘s latest has also been in the pipeline for a while, but given its status as a movie it wasn’t clear if or when we’d get it here in the west. Enter Crunchyroll and their expanding “Collections” lineup. The film is a Studio Colorido (Pokemon: Twilight Wings, Penguin Highway) production, also involving its sub-unit Team Yamahitsuji, will come to Crunchyroll in early October. It will be directed by Tatsurou Kawano, best known for work on Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress and several prior Studio Colorido productions. 

Burn The Witch

Burn The Witch itself is the sort of action-fantasy romp Kubo has always been known for. The gist is that London as we know it is only half of the “real” London. In the so-called “Reverse London,” live creatures called Dragons, who often attack the citizens of both “Reverse” and “Front” London. The series makes the amusing, deliberately dubious claim that dragon deaths account for 72% of all deaths in Britain’s capitol.

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Beyond that, Burn The Witch is perhaps best called “solid.” It has many of Kubo’s trademark writing quirks for both good and ill. It’s rather telling, for instance, that the trailer below cuts out any mention of the manga’s male deuteragonist. (Who is really more of a… third-agonist. Given the two lead girls.) This is a good thing, though. Improving on the weaker points of the material is one of the things adaptations are for. Colorido, primarily known for independent productions before their recent involvement with Pokemon, do great work. I’m excited to see how they interpret the western fantasy setting Kubo’s set up in Burn The Witch.

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The trailer’s quite exciting, showing off some nicely surreal CGI for the “dragons” and one of our protagonists casting a spell. There is also an ongoing serial version of the manga. So it’s entirely possible this is just the first of several Burn The Witch anime we’re going to see. Wouldn’t that be something? The trailer is available below. Burn The Witch comes to Crunchyroll early this October. 

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