When Destiny 2 was released last September, lofty expectations were placed on it to do as well or surpass the original Destiny. With the weight of those expectation on their shoulders, this was a make or break moment for Bungie. Fortunately, the game received favorable reviews from mostly all the major publications and many lauded it as one of the best games of 2017. In fact, it was the second highest grossing game of the year.

Despite these glowing reviews and general acclaim, the game has been recently marred by some questionable decisions that were exposed by sleuthy players.  

First was the discovery that experience gains were scaled based on activity. This meant that players who participated in Competitive Crucible play would often gain experience faster than someone just doing Public Events. After being called out on this, Bungie admitted the truth and turned off the feature.

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Second was in-game purchases through the Eververse store. With the spotlight being shone on loot boxes and their effect on gameplay and player progression, it’s no wonder that players are now starting to be extremely vocal about loot boxes. In Destiny 2, you can buy emotes, ornaments, shaders, ships, Ghosts, and Sparrows in the Eververse Store for silver that has to be purchased with real money. Of course, if you earn a Bright Engram, then you can get randomized loot for free, but Bright Engrams are rare drops most times.

And lastly, it was discovered that during Faction Rallies that Destiny 2 was limiting the amount of tokens players earned for their faction. These tokens allow players to earn new gear and ornaments, so the idea that the tokens were being throttled left players feeling frustrated. On the flip side, Bungie tried to address the issue of players earning tokens for doing nothing, but clearly their workaround was flawed.  

Now that these major issues have come to light players are understandably upset, with many of them promising to stop playing the game until the changes are fixed while others have moved on to different games. Bungie, realizing their dilemma, outlined the changes that they will be making to the game this year. Hopefully the changes will be enough, but with so many players feeling betrayed by the game and the lack of transparency, time will tell if the changes are too little too late.

Major Changes

Clarification on Content Categories

Bungie clarified the content categories specifically expansions vs. seasons. Expansions are purchased content that includes new campaigns and strikes, new destinations, new rewards, new raids, new Crucible maps, and new Legendary and Exotic gear. As of now there is only one expansion, Curse of Osiris.

Seasons, on the other hand, is free content that is available to Destiny 2 players. This includes the Iron Banner event, Faction Rallies, seasonal reputation rewards, endgame playlists, seasonal events (like The Dawning) and new features and updates. Currently we are in Season 2.


There will be some changes made to Eververse. According to Game Director Chris Barrett: “We recognize that the scales are tipped too far towards Tess at the moment, and Eververse was never intended to be a substitute for end game content and rewards.”

Right now, you can only get certain rewards through the Eververse store either by purchasing them or earning a Bright Engram. The rewards are random, and the store itself has revolving items. The changes coming to the store include:

  • Ghosts, Sparrows, and ships will be added as activity rewards rather than just being found in Bright Engrams.
  • There will be a new gameplay path that will allow players to earn Bright Engrams.
  • Players will have more direct purchase options and they will be able to make adjustments to Bright Engrams, so they can get the items they want.

Some of these changes will be put into effect during Crimson Days starting on February 13th, with a note that more changes will be made during Season 3.

XP Rates

They will be addressing the XP earn rates and changing it so that there is more consistency in experience gains regardless of activity. In their first attempt to fix this issue, Bungie was faced with some challenges so now working on something new. We have no additional information on when a new fix will take effect.

Future Updates

January 30th Update

On the January 30th update we’ll be seeing new Masterwork Armor (to go along with Masterwork Weapons) and a raid reward rework.


In February we’ll see new Strike scoring and high score tracking, a full rework of armor and weapon mods, quickplay improvements, PC Tower Chat, Exotic item repetition reduction, and the ability to see your Fireteam members on the Destination Map.

Spring 2018

Bungie is continuing to work on second Expansion while incorporating feedback from Curse of Osiris. In the meantime, they will be adjusting Crucible matches by adding Crucible Ranks, the option to create Private Matches, a 6v6 Playlist, a new Mayhem Event, and other adjustments.

Additional updates include weapon and ability balance pass, seasonal reputation, improved Iron Banner and Faction Rallies, multi-emotes, more Vault space, PC Clan Chat, and Heroic Strike changes.

Fall 2018

Looking towards the end of 2018, we can expect some changes to Clan rewards, the addition of Masterwork Exotics, changes to shaders and dismantling, and a possible look into solo versus Fireteam matching.

For more detailed information you can check out the Bungie 1-11-18 Development Update here.


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