During a global event today in Los Angeles, Bungie and Activision gave attendees and livestreamers a first-look at the gameplay for the much anticipated Destiny 2 game.

The game, a sequel to the original Destiny game, will be a new adventure for all players. There is a new threat and in order to combat it, players must acquire new weapons, form clans, and travel to new worlds. Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks will also have new subclasses and new abilities. The game will also keep some aspects of the original Destiny including a Campaign, Strikes and Raids, and the Crucible.

In addition to some of the old Destiny features, Destiny 2 will have:

  • A dramatic, cinematic story and missions with relatable characters,
  • 4 new worlds (European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, and Io) and stunning environments to explore with action, adventure, and discoverable rewards,
  • Gameplay activities for all types of players: new, returning, casual, and competitive,
  • Competitive PvP gameplay with new maps and modes,
  • And more options for character customization.

Story Campaign

The story campaign will set the stage for the game.

“Humanity’s last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped the city’s Guardians of their power, and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, you must reunite humanity’s scattered heroes, stand together, and fight back to reclaim our home.”

Strikes and Raids

Strikes are 3-player cooperative modes from the first Destiny and Raids are challenging 6-player missions. During the gameplay reveal, attendants and those watching on the livestream were given a glimpse of a Strike called the “The Inverted Spire.”  According to the Activision blog, this mode, “takes place on the new world of Nessus. The enemy Cabal have awoken something deep beneath the surface, and it’s up to you and your follow Guardians to confront it.”

4v4 Competitive Mode

Destiny 2 will also have a competitive 4v4 battles in The Crucible. There will be a new mode, Countdown, that has the teams assume Offense or Defense for one round and then switches their roles and objectives in the next round. There is also a new map, Midtown, which is an abandoned part of the City.  

Other game features include Adventures and Lost Sectors, which offer players a different way of exploration. Adventures are short missions with self-contained stories and Lost Sectors are dungeons that have a big boss enemy that guards a treasure.

There’s also a new Director, public events, guided games, clan creation features, and a whole lot of fat loots.

Destiny 2 will be out on September 8, 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4  for $59.99. There will also be a Limited Edition retail versions of the game for $99.99 and a Collector’s Edition for $249.99. For digital download, the standard game will be $59.99, with a Game and Expansion Pass Bundle for $89.99 and a Digital Deluxe Edition for $99.99. 

Destiny 2 will also be available on the PC through Blizzard’s Battle.net service. There’s no word yet on if the game will be released on the PC at the same time as console, but various reports are stating that the game will be released at a later time.

You can check out the gameplay reveal trailer below as well as some selected screenshots in the Gallery.



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