It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Back in the beginning of October I pre-ordered a  highly-anticipated board game from Jasco Games as a birthday gift for my husband. Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Board Game was set to arrive around the beginning of November but a few shipping and manufacturing glitches later and it got here just in time for Christmas! Late birthday gift = perfectly timed Christmas present! Woohoo!

The game is cooperative and as such can be played between 1 and 6 players. I played through with 2 players for my first go and was wildly successful in defeating all the baddies as one of my favorite characters, Willow.


During the game, you and your team of scoobies come together to defeat demons, vampires, the Monster of the Week and, finally, the Big Bad. Along the way you collect various items like wooden stakes and holy water to help you defeat the baddies that spawn throughout Sunnydale all while trying to save those silly townies who can’t seem to fend for themselves.


For our two-player game, we had to defeat several vamps and 3 Monsters of the Week before we faced the Big Bad. In our case, we wound up going head to head with the Master. As you attempt to defeat the various villains that come your way, you must also keep watch of the Apocalypse Track which is sort of like your collective health meter. You will suffer wounds (which can be removed by special actions) and the occasional townie death (which cannot be removed), but if the track gets to the end, you lose.


Obviously there’s a lot more detail within gameplay, but there’s the gist. I felt like the game itself was just what I wanted it to be as far as art, fandom and storyline. My husband (who is the biggest Buffy fan I know) said the lore was on point for this one and he was also impressed with how well the special items and artifacts worked in. Since we only played with two players, I expected it to be a bit on the easier side. In my experience with cooperative games thus far, the more players you have, the more complicated it gets and the harder to win. Although I haven’t tried it with a larger group, I did find playing with just two people was fairly simple. I’ll admit that a couple of times we had to reference the rule book and weren’t totally sure we were right about a few of them so that might be why we had an easier win. That’s the funny part about a brand new game that’s not even in stores yet…no online resources or message boards to find answers to your rule questions!


Also, I noticed some similarities between this game and a few others I’ve come to adore. Recently I’ve been playing a good deal of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle which is also a cooperative game. Both of them have you fighting off well-known villains together while using  special items you collect. There’s also a bit of Betrayal at House on the Hill in that all players take a turn and then you go through the “monster turn” and allow those guys to move and attack. So if you like either one of those games, and I hope you do, then I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Board Game. If you haven’t pre-ordered your own copy yet, click here to do so on the Jasco Games site!

This one will definitely be coming with me to the next game night so I can test it out with more players. Plus, I love Willow and all, but I really want to get the chance to be Spike next time. Mmm…Spike…